Friday, November 13, 2015

The Cued Arc Manual

Not having anything but a Wheatstone bridge to measure a client's Emmitance
Gary Rainy relied on his Muse .A deity he called Dr Joyce.It at first was odd to Gary that the mystic deity so sounded like Dr Joyce ,his psychiatrist at Allen Memerial Hospital where Gary was "stationed" after the war when he struck his wife so hard she was treated for concussion. The muse ,the deity Gary heard when he wrote did not seem to come to him through his ears but the voice
which told Gary Rainy about a way he could measure how people think by measuring a persons response to what the Entity called a cued arc. A story acted out upon a client by actors .The cues based on whatever story arc the client admitted he needed de patterning from.
And in only 3 days Gary Rainy wrote what he referred to as "The Cue Arc Manuel"

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