Friday, November 13, 2015

"The problem is ....people don't often think of their thoughts going anywhere at all..but this is not true..people think and emit their thinking and thought styles into the air and into others ,this is empirical fact. How could an EEG machine glean all those spikes if the brain were not emitting energy? Do you now understand why I have made mind research my life's work?
why it is important to know what one thinks because thought is a tangible force in the universe..You may think of Pravah metaphorically if it helps you understand the lessons of Neuronautics.
What is important is that you have begun thinking about thinking and thinking about how thoughts transfer from one to the other .And how bad thinking is not just unsafe to you but a danger to others.How does one remove bad thinking. How does remove their inner Ruiner .
Ruiner thoughts and emotions that have become part of what we call Your Everydays and Essentials that make up your Thought Style
.Well these thoughts were probably driven into you so it is our job at Neuronautics to drive these thoughts out of you.Psychic Driving and De-Patterning is nothing new to many researchers but perhaps it is new to you..Neuronautics is not about hand holding and empathy but push /pull methods of removing years and years of input that you
a future client of Neuronautics made your own.
Because you did not come equipped with the skills to guard against Ruiners
The journey to sanity begins just one session of psychic driving a week at your local Neuronautics Annex
.You might ask yourself why can't I just read "Inway to the Enway" and become self aware
land fixed?
Well much in the same way one cannot become a Dr. Just by reading medical textbooks one cannot become well without learning how to operate. Years of hard work went into making a n Operational Teams of Neuronautics trained enough to steer another's mindset back to Tableau Rosa..
introduction to "Inway to the Enway" 1959 updated 1967 12th edition

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