Sunday, November 15, 2015

Deets and Watson

with Glen's phone now on him,the Chief of police was of course tempted to watch
the video Kenny's fiend Glen had used to film Kenny 's murder and the entire Protest on Mall St.
however the Chief was like told by his higher ups that "the case" was now in the hands of the Department of Shapes and Lines and The Department of Interior Intent
and because of the case being compartmentalized Chief Deets was not to view the video on the phone
Chief Deets was told to bring Glenn's phone back to the police station which was temporarily taken over by the Department of Shapes and Lines and the Office of Interior Intent
closed circuit TV cameras had filmed Glen and many others filming the March on Mall Street March and the subsequent shots fired by the March on Mall St. protestors at the crowd
and it was high priority that all the phones
filming the rally
were confiscated
to help Chief Deets supposed the Department of Shapes and Lines and the Office of Interior Intent
put together an airtight
linear timeline of events

Glen's phone which sat beside Chief Deets in the squad car
seemed to beckon to the Chief "watch me"
maybe thought Deets it was the endless beeping and glowing
of the phone that made the phone feel as if
it needed to be touched,handled ,watched,reckoned with
maybe it was the TV shows Chief Deets watched
that would have gone close up on the phone
or the way a supporting character being told by higher agencies to "know their place:
always decided to ignore chain of command

The Chief picked up the phone sort of hoping he might accidently press the button
that began the video

 anything that played
 would have played because it was supposed to
 divinely ,through intervention
 and through wireless technology

as much as the Chief sort of liked rubbing elbows with those from important agencies
he had only seen on TV
there was also alarm that these departments might soon all but take over the town
The Chief tried to remember some history lesson where in fact policing above police
more secret police
had done just that to not just a town but the entire nation
seemingly over night
seemingly on their won
seemingly for good reason
even if the reasons were laid down
in advance
The Chief paused
Paused his thinking(not an easy task)
Deets looking around the squad car ,hoping his emotions did not display on video
glad he had the wherewithal to keep Glenn's phone on his lap and out of sight line of the dashboard mounted cameras
the police car had been spiked with small cameras when mayor Curtis Kurtz had been asked by Parasol Pictures to think about doing a Reality Cops called Midwest Municipalities
which had fallen through when an albino set of twins was born two towns away
which Parasol Pictures actually adopted as their own
when the mother and father denied the use of the twins the therapeutic outlet (being televised 24/7)
Parasol Pictures sued the albino twins mother and father for neglect when they refused to sign a contract that would pay for the twins college and medical bills and won sole custody of the twins
although Memphis Ohio was delighted that the twins were now safe in parasol Picture's hands
it was also a disappointment to Memphis Ohio that the reality show " Midwest Municipalities "
never got off the ground
Making sure his emotions would read neutral
Chief Deets allowed himself to think
briefly about his concerns
that he and others had been in the same position of taking orders from several departments
a decade ago when the Memphis Ohio Bridge collapsed in on itself
the city was devastated
with Locked In Syndrome
but it was not just that the Chief of police felt marginalized by the departments that swooped into Memphis Ohio to baton down the hatches ,set curfews and locate all suspicious persons
it was their methods of doing so

would the shooting at Mall St. bring back the "Show Your Face ,Show you Rate" program that encouraged the townspeople to "please stop at every camera and pause " every time they saw a camera ,thought Chief Deets ,still keeping his face neutral for the camera.
Luckily the Show your Face ,Show you Rate " program was soon stopped ,as the program of pausing for 2 seconds or more at each camera one say ,if nothing else caused more traffic problems than anyone ,least of all the Memphis Ohio police could cope with

Eventually "The Show Your Face ,Show you Rate" program was stopped
and replaced by a mandatory but free phone App called "Say Where You're Going ,Show What you're Doing"
which soon became the norm.
"The say where you're going ,show what you"re doing jingle created to help the town of Memphis Ohio adjust to the new law still played in Chief Deet's mind.
Now that everyone had finally gotten used to their new limitations
Chief Deets wondered how many new laws the town would now have to get used to
concerning what happened at the March on Mall St. incident
Chief Deets knew those un happy with the economic imbalance were an angry lot but Deets had no idea the March on Mall St. activists would go to this length to make a point. To chief Deets something seemed fishy about the entire situation.
the phone ,still in Chief Deets hand ,out of the sight line of the camera
perhaps held the answers
answers Chief Deets wanted before once more
the post office,the fire department ,the gas company ,the census department ,the streets department ,the power station and even the local TV station was not run by the county but the Office of Interior Intent
Some cops took classes in heighten security
and classes in surveillance and advanced "tactics" to non lethally corral a crowd
One of the shop teachers at the Memphis Ohio High School had asked Deets to join the Nationalist Spring Movement but Deets decided against it.
"somehow" this remembrance gave the Chief of Police impetuous to exit his car in an area the Chief knew the CCTV was down and watch the video on Glen's phone

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