Monday, November 2, 2015

Pace Taker

XXXX comes into my room
and offers me a hit and than a bump
-this stuff is OK- Neuronauts -don't really care about
street drugs.
just scripts..
and maintaining..

I need a dose of something
reading too much of the Denny Pace journals

I was told to read the Denny Pace journals
to remind me of how Enrot like Denny Pace
pollutes not just Denny Pace ...but anyone who reads Denny Pace..

I feel the Denny Pace in my head
and understand (and always -maybe-understood -why there can be no Denny Pace's in The New Way

"to the end of Denny Pace" XXXX says

"To the end of Denny Pace!" I say
and take another hit.

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