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Introduction to cybernetics ( childhood imprints and reverse brain engineering)

To perceive and respond to early childhood CUED IMPRINT accurately
the child must be sufficiently TRAUMATIVED to EMBED PROVOKED EVENT provided by PRE-PLANNED or SCRIPTED environmental stimulli.
Convergent methods that will be used decades later in SUBJECT'S LIFE
As SCHEMATIC and ACTIVE INTERVENTION meant to REGRESS the subject's emotional and cognitive state back to RECOGNIZABLE known PATTERNS
Considering that a very small fraction of adult subject's required that their entire childhood be sculpted
Toward easy to understand reactions BASED on SYMBOL and REPRESENTATION
To provide easily indentifiable EVOKED POTENTIALS as the assumed technology that would and could work in consort with IMPRINT REFERENTIAL might provide a bona fide framework of CAUSATION and thus CAUSATIVE Neural Spiking.
Without a framework of SPECIFIC KEYNOTES provided by a STYLIZED "Theatrical or Ritualized " Upbringing
endless years might be sacrificed in analysis of a subject's neural data to DISCOVER PREDICTIVE RESPONSE .
As the child was raised on MEDIATION through Neuro Linguitic Programming to both CONTROL and PRECIPITATE BEHAVIOR by substantiati PREDITERMINED PARTICIPARY PARENTING TECHNIQUES "using" both Mother and Father as "stage managers" and impetuous of Trauma based Molding" Techniques .
Although the technique of Ritualized Induction of Referential Association by "Stylized Parental" Representationsof might seem extreme I remind you that the sole reason these subjects were born was to be prepared and instilled with neurological baseline templates that would prepare them for

Technological Advancements not yet possible in the 1970's and late 60's .The KNOWN
associations and trauma based imprint
of subjects were presumed to be the only way to REVERSE ENGINEER the BRAIN..
All consideration was made to reintroducie the subject to CUES based upon Operant Conditioning
with Telemetric Artificial Neurotronics b
Y the 1990's which did in fact
require acomplete knowing of the subject's "artificially" set neural network.
Recordings (both visual and vocal) made by technologies("out of eyeline cameras ,sound recording as well as recorded "loops" that attempted to reinforce subliminal brain activity in sleep via Frey Effect/ silent sound to once again help future researchers with clapboard like indicators
And to establish pitch perception reactions( pitch and cadence of sound/voice) a fundamental 

requisite of presupposed progress in the field of Artificial Intelligence as far back as 1962
Concerning neural activity in the bilateral frontotemporal networks of "subject". Active intervention of these areas was necessary to establish a causal connection between superior temporal and inferior frontal areas so the adult subject "raised to be suitable vehicle for synthesized pitch production co -adaptation. Predictive Reaction for" pitch matching" and presumed brain activity Hz that was assumedly instilled in subject raised in Neuro -Negotiated home
Results demonstrate that indeed the adult subject presented with A.I. has in fact benefitted by his or her "Stylized Family" in terms of establishing their neural interactions with Neurotronic Imbue.
The present paper is a brief report of a study on inducing pitch production deficits using the brain stimulation approach. Results from this paper represent a subset of the data presented in a talk by *****, entitled “The Success of Induced Disorders in "Indigo Children” Substantial contributors to this study are **** and ****
As evidenced by Threshold Testing via rhythmic synchronization in vocal-mimicking A.I. and 

Immersive Reality Enhancement
Neuroimaging research is underway to examine the neural underpinnings of pitch perception and sight association These neuroimaging results, in combination with electrophysiological results show correlative electrical brain responses to pitch deviations among those presented with a Direct Neural Interface not raised to tolerate a Cybernetic synthesis.

*AUGMENTING HUMAN INTELLECT : A Conceptual Framework Dr. Engelbart 1962

Language, Artifacts, Methodology

The Source of Intelligence
Intelligence Amplication
Two-Domain System
Concepts, Symbols, and a Hypothesis
Capability Repertoire Hierarchy
Hypothetical Description Of Computer-Based Augmentation System
Single-Frame Composition
Single-Frame Manipulation
Structuring an Argument
General Symbol Structuring
Process Structuring
Team Cooperation
Miscellaneous Advanced Concepts
This is an initial summary report of a project taking a new and systematic approach to improving the intellectual effectiveness of the individual human being. A detailed conceptual framework explores the nature of the system composed of the individual and the tools, concepts, and methods that match his basic capabilities to his problems. One of the tools that shows the greatest immediate promise is the computer, when it can be harnessed for direct on-line assistance, integrated with new concepts and methods.

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