Saturday, November 7, 2015


It is 4 years later..almost to the day I was first visited The New Way byEvan Rainy and Tru Christie ..
Now , when the question is asked "Are u Gelling?
Immediately ,without thinking I respond Ina coesive and thus sane fashion
"I am Gelling like a Felon"
whatever thoughts I might have had concerning the whs and wherefores ..of this Automatic Response are gone
Evan Rainy and Tru Christie have worked 24/7 seven days a week to get rid of extraneos thoughts.
that get in the way of not only the Direct Neural Interface but of The New Way of Singualr thought concerning response.
Previously ,until recently I would resist
..this automatic response "Gelling like a Felon"
and actually want to consider why it is good now I don't
wonder about evoked potentials
the neural pathways that might have been laid to Make" me think...instead
of just respond normally have been redirected by my "team" and because of
this ..because of my Boeing re -attenuated away from "so called -"Jewie Thinking" Evan says I am making great strides..
and getting my "Thought Style" in gear with "Singularity"
is what EVAN interfaced
"Hal Aye Uuuu- lah" I graph back
"no...none of that kind of thinking...tis almost as bad as Jewie Thinking...Old Gods..Old Ways ..have nothing to do with The New Way. except if it suits us.."
Evan graphs
"except as it suits us" I graph
but even before EVAN can respond via sound I feel suddenly ill..
I know what I did..Or what my thought implied " Except as it suits us"
the thought insinuated I believed I was one of them
"sort of like a pauper asking a ing to bring him his meals.." EVAN graphs
I think to EVAN that he should transmit a frequency of discomfort and humiliation upon my mind to really teach me to stay I my place just something here for EVAN to Mentor..nothing more...

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