Monday, November 16, 2015

the Pep Boys arrive at the Memphis Ohio Airport

They call us The Pep Boys not   Dick and Dale Pep
we don't use our real names when we work
we usually pick a last name that corresponds somehow to the Target's memories
the name of the next door neighbor they had when they were little
their mother's maiden name
whatever and whatsit
we 're asked to work on some Police Chief named Deets
 moved into the Memphis Ohio Arms Apartment  4 days apart
to be right on top of Deets and right next door .

we do   not look like each other though we're  brothers  and this is good because it lets us be together but  play different types

I am to play the best friend
once Deets starts losing it
the "Oh I had a brother who heard voices and saw things..I understand and do not judge" guy

I shall be

 the sidekick to Chief Deets "Laced Man"

the meaner a guy is the nicer he can play
and mean is what I was since I was a kid..
don't know why don't care
one uses what the almighty rod has giveth
lest he takes it away

we were  asked to move to Memphis Ohio
 by Proxy Cybernetics to keep an eye,a camera and microphone on Doulas Deets.

A Ruiner

Also a to keep a Brainlink going with Douglas Deets
 until Deets could "sese the light" or  "sees the headlights of a fast moving vehicle approaching at full speed"...


The rigging of Douglas ' apartment was the easy part
 as was the spiking of Douglas' brain with bio tech.

Each year the software that  allowed both me and Dickie to decipher Chief Deets thoughts into language and  Chief Deets vision and inner vision into electronic  image become more easy to operate.
In the 90's and way into 2002
this was a bitch and half to run
and we didn't have bio tech than
it was 3 or 4 different systems at once going
not a genuine interface
no real mind reading ...not like now
not supposed to really talk about the details
as if I understand how the damn stuff what's the big damn deal
EXCEPT maybe me being the one  chipped up like a cold cookie dough

The software that studies and gages a person dosed with  bio tech 's moods
is in the software but we don't use that until we can get a good idea of exactly what we're attuned to with the brain computer interface

 usually best not to meet the Ruiner face to face so one is not thrown off by their humanity
or visage
best to only watch them throw through the cameras ..hear them throught themics
while you're also literally hearing what they hear
and seeing what they see.

what matters with a Brain link is what is  underneath one's visage
but sometimes
a bit of the "get to know you"
helps move things speedily along

in a way there is no right or wrong way to rape and pillage another's mind with synthetic telepathy
everyone has their style
everyone follows pretty much the same formulas
at least at the beginning so we don't like lose the guy to wrist slash or something before even getting started
you  gotta come on slow

in a way
introducing synthetic telepathy to a fella is like slowly seducing some woman to  let you stick your hand down her pants

if the bitch becomes too adamant
sometimes you have to slap them around a bit

They like it like that

although they might claim otherwise

probably it's  something primal
like recall somewhere in their subconscious  being dragged by their hair into caves by the strongest suitor

most men who man other men go both ways sexually

you have something to say about that?
no.I didn't think so

It 's a job.
that's all
but an important one
but just something one does
how much does a Mandler get paid you ask
more than you might think

because while you are manning the man or woman
all their information is floating not just to your computer
 but to like 50  or one hundred others
for like 50 or 100 reasons that have damn little to do with
making a guy snap

Deets ,according to my higher ups was getting ready to go Silkwood on his compadres
about some of the specifics concerning The March on Mall Street.

can't say me nor my brother  really care why Chief Deets was spiked with biotech
although word on high suggests  it had something to do with The Mall Street March
I used to be a cop
and  policemen should  understood the rules of creating a realistic happening/crime scene
and sure as hell not squealing about it

in my  opinion "the protesters were gonna eventual do something violent anyway ..why not just do it for the violence can be somewhat controlled..sorta like the way sometimes firemen have to burn a portion of forest to intercede  and prevent wild fires.Know what I mean ..

my job is to play "the nice neighbor " to Douglas Deets while  brother Dick plays the  unpleasant neighbor just above Chief Deets.
Dick plays bongos.


my ex wife  Miriam  willsoon arrive . Miriam will play Chief Deets' love interest
after the loving
that Douglas will recive once Dick and I had get a good enough glean of Deet's thought style.
and could begin the fun part of bombarding the 34 year old Ruiner  with sound and vision
directly to Chief Deets cortex
Dick  thinks  of it as a mutual hallucination
a guided trip
the chemicals ,the drugs for this tripping
 frequency that was "made to match" made to override those 24/7 signals signals signals
that make you see hear taste ,cry and f*ck..
all just signal..all just pulses and waves and beats per minute
that's all a brain does..
singal signal signal

unlike LSD -25 or DMT or shrooms
with a computer program and some wireless
one has control of the "trip"
and because of the interface one  knows exactly which way to steer the magical misery tour
second to second
sense to sense

all it takes is the right softwear ,a headset a computer ..2 or three screens
and some ingenuity

it 's  about attitude
this kind of work
and patience
it could get damn  bored  as hell reading or listening to some guy's thoughts all day
unless one sets up
a bit of street theater to throw the guy some material

Dick was and always would be "material"
His job for the next few days will be  to  introduce himself as the new guy upstairs.freindly as kittens and cake he will be

"I play bongo drums ,I'm a musician, I play them very softly..but sometimes I get carried away if this ever happens just knock 3 times on the ceiling with a broom" 

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