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the blob scene 4

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    5. let me explain damian
what the smartest guys in the  room
were up to

I glean
therefore I know

...the interface goes 2 ways

the stories
were out of order.
but bits come back

but only when they decide.

 especially when das kingpin   gotta keep old dumbo in line

get dumbo offline

this rubbish
is about segments
and the sediment
takes you back to

tv and film
do this ..
right now
but we don't think about it
not really
we don'tthink 
us seeing a man in yellow truck makes us think 
of a man in a yellow truck
or that just seeing the color yellow makes our mind's eye see yellow
and that seeing  a cartoon or even an out line of TRUCK
makes our mind write 'truck
on it's 

self..we don't think that Tv is
already is
  artificial intelligence
that can grow a group conscious
and has 
       true blue mad scientist types
like my friends back in cali
played with people
before they had Merge bio tech to play with

to make associations
by causing

why they told me this ..I don't know .why they told me this I don't know.

work with genuine humans
 some piece of meat stick you found on the street ya see.

but what made that meat stick...
on the street.

what makes a guy into a punk
sucking old man dick for money.

they do.
they do since the day you were born.

a real man can beat up a real guy from the inside out
and teech the fucker a lesson in respect see.
in mafia movies
they show .they say there's such a thing as  a hit
that's meant to appear as a hit
a certain style.
of kill

with Proxy they "app-ed"
it's a different kind of hit.
but it's the same story
you here .strange enuf from anyone
Monarch born
blue ray

the y hit us
with images
and sound
and themes only we know

poked out eyes.
flaying you alive

they make movies about butterflies having their wings ripped off and shove them not just into your tv but your mind
and you just wan to die
that's why I write I think
to make them kill me
.it didn't work
me doing myself in

and i decided I would rather have them do what they say
poke out this and that.
let them
do what they do
and I will reach reach reach up past their horrible new world
and go to the one I created in MY mind
just cartoon clouds..
and no sound ..
no real vision..
the simplest version of clouds..
half drawn
so I can't be accused of giving anyone ideas.
in case the other one's raised like me
reach reach reach
to go past the New world being laid down
that nobody asked for..

all the while telling me their gonna rip my skin apart ..flaying it's called
separate real delicate like and scientifically with like lung breathers and yellow gloves...all the while keeping my conscious
hyper conscious
wakey wakey wakey
your brain will be feeling all of it..,
they will have key surgeons  to keep me in just enuf pain not to go into shock...

but they need to collect pain morsels of neural data
and who better than the children they're so ashamed of

who they've learned to hate as much as we cannot help but hate them

especially when they say
when they grAPH
how how how can you make a comparison to ..
"real People"
you see around you not born "to be had"
as projects.
as experiments
to the very very end..
that's what THE MOVIE
seconds --

mandlers hate the men they man
who wouldn't
 bein in someones.
in someone's past.even or even especially if you helped make that PAST yourself.

you read the Proxy and hate that they read you
read you
into Hell
..for nobody needs to believe more in heaven
more than a proxy

dermatology all day all through the night

 real project paper clippers
what they done with 

they dig it..
and some sik part of me can't wait to be flayed and separated into these

bits and pieces
... consciousness in a 'box";  but how can they  develop genuine conscious
which moves forward.
they cannot.
time will
an insect like soul they promise they will keep forever it's good /.it's good to feel your are less and less each day

 take a person and
empty them out
like a a husk Put back together " "good boy good boyy"dumbo ...licks..
and try to see if this ready made force fed fuck rag
half made. monkey
can saddle up some equivalent of new conscious....
some juxtapose with the peanut gallery
 the lie of enhanced learning...
would give them both a shell and some 'heart a soul' seamed back together some new
idea of man
talktalk talk  left the building so long ago

oooh my little Pinnochio
what it might be like to see
if artificial intelligence  could  be it's own building block of self will and actual consciousness

is the movie

seconds is how it was meant to end since it began and we want you to know the
and know we made them for your kind...
for you pieces.
kids raised to be hazed

worked upon
made  and baked
 in a hot over  of fear and terror.and shame

fear terror shame  makes one strong and fearless
a killer
or else
or else
lobotomy  by remote

 rub down bits of resistance.

till I am just aware enough to make something with induced....

inclinations towards hate
or else
or else

 point is to all but erase me enough
to begin the next phase of inducing another
synthesized conscious ness
by them to see...messy as it might be

if it ///IT you see.

snowballs into it's own
where I will be terms of cognition that growns less.
is ...
 pain threshold the ultimate game
the ultimate READ

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