Friday, April 4, 2014

The Converse in Cole

Cole and I never had a good Mind to Mind relationship.

.. irreconcilable thought style is  sometimes "the group"  sets us partners 
testing this stuff


 very Milgram test 
very "I alpha male you intellectual mesomorph type thing

it makes things interesting  if nothing else

  they know won't make for a pleasurable interface
but a paycheck's a paycheck

and I kinda like hurting people

it runs in my family

my pop punched me around
kicked the dog

and I suppose it rubbed off on me

I kinda like kickin Cole around
I liked 
throwing wads a paper at the back of guys like Cole's head 
in homeroom

I sorta have a great job

but still
it might have been nice I sometimes wonder if they placed me with someone a bit more 
"like minded'

as is
it's sorta like me going out on  date with a girl that doesn't like baseball or beer.some wall flower girl who won't for instance take her top get beads at some mardi gra -she she's too sophisticated or something  to good to show her she's god's gift...i guess you might call a girl like this demure...i'd call her..a date I never should never have gone out on.

..same goes with testing this Direct neural interface ..

with out buffer.i always have a buffer

you all heard of Brain Computer Interface


we do
Direct Neural Inter face mainly

no buffer

no censor

doesn't mean that the computer isn't recording 

but the computer 
during Direct Neural Interface

waves of Cole's that are not 

it records
stuff that's beyond even subconscious 

for  instance you don't think," I am placing my right hand on this metal door nob and turnin open it..people don't just think like this.

..or I am now rolling over ON  to my side 45 degrees.

..people do not think like this

but there's all sorts of wavelets that read INTO things like that

these waves might help 'some gimp"for instance like move their legs
when said gimp
gets some spinal cord injury


I don't read that shit
I read thoughts

I also impart thoughts
means I can
over -ride Cole's thoughts
place little inducements inside his "I'm so superior ..I'm so intellectual  mind":

if you put on a shoe " maybe note that their shoe's brand
the word converse
or something

it's called Extraneous Thought
that a proper buffer

am I confusing you?

that part of Cole's thinking
is also recorded by a different wave

..the computer does it's best to get rid off all that extraneous verbiage but not that well....
it's another reason I hate

how often must I be reminded of the make of fuckin sneaker he wears?

I often believe he
notes these things
to punish me for
taking part in these Tests

one really has to Be Cole'
to know Cole..
get right in their,.
feel his feet touching the pavement
taste the same morning breath Cole does..
feel the gargle and spit of the morning Listerine routine..


the one thing a Mandler/a tele-operator//a mentor 

 hates even more than a Cole or a Denny or a Mark
remembering stupid memories of childhood or trying to go all Analise-ie on  the system their hooked to . when the proxy looks in the mirror to much

a Mandlers you


(it's quite easy to explain...if one is in the bix of Mind Augment ..perhaps ..not so much to you

I always feel like I am a scientist teacher who should be showing some wobbly
film script
with some cartoon representation of the eye....and some -speckled
cartoonist's notion of a scientist ....explaining
that "the mind is but an electrical system...the neurons fired messages back forth back and forth....these messages are sometimes referred to as transmissions ..
scientist have been hard at work for many years ....
attempting to capture and chart  these messages
into a decipherable
...have you ever seen ,perhaps in a hospital or a textbook ....a read out of EEG waves?
we've come a long long way
in collecting brain waves since than
all matter of waves are messaged back and forth...
the wavelets responsible for seeing
are quite different from those waves and the neural emmitance
of taste or smell or touch

the waves  or patterns or frequencies
for instance relayed during the act of sight
can be gathered, and than re -pixel-ed
by a computer created for this function
to recreate these gathered frequencies much like a tv receiver
transmission to create an image on your tv set...)

 what they see
 it just works like that
if it didn't it would be like watching the television
with no picture..
reading thoughts would get boring

you'd have no
reference point to assimilate the thoughts and actions and exponentials with out the seeing

but to them
to the subjects

it's one more intrusion
and one intrusion too many


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