Tuesday, April 1, 2014

psychotronic dissimilation/heuristic rules for detecting self referentials

visual occipital over ride/overlay techniques for pruning self referential thought combined with "community theater" cues for self correction

Visual Tele Presence Bombardment .... using a symbol  based system which in time  will  mold and modify behavior through  associations until a co beneficial language of cued is established. Occipital Overlay as a technique to scare off unbeneficial styles of thinking that are not co-productive
....   learn what induced references  may open key neural networks that produce self referential thought cascades
if done correctly   .the mentor will himself be overwhelmed  by the subject previous"withholds (I pissed my pants at my mothers birthday when I was eleven, I stole a pack of Camels , I watched my cousin rape a chambermaid and said nothing..
You will be amazed at the secrets that are held behind one key "With hold"
Do not acknowledge the landslide of information that one has gleaned...focus instead on mirroring second to second thought with :lessons in self buffering" The subject will assume you have only recently "caught up " with him... you will soon find out which thoughts he becomes self conscious that YOU MIGHT HAVE GARNERED...as he will release a second gusher of thoughts that are in league: with his most guarded REVEAL. Again preemptively begin or resume "soft speak "lessons " in building self attenuated buffers ,,large rooms with patterned tapestry..."

 system "overload "which will teach the  subject what is expected of him during interface and what  type of thinking is non beneficial to interface specifically  what  tendencies of thought  must be  disregarded for Open Mind Technology to work

insist through strength not empathy
...demonstrate  by display not explanation
 ...instigate a "with hold" and enact a complete 5 sense over ride...show  the subject he cannot "win" or fight the situation/the "machine".
Convince  subject that if he tries to resist the interface(with rhymes or counting backwards or any number of time wasting measures he will pay not only by psychotronic harassment  but might be driven to genuine madness by using a loop to repeat back to subject hours of their buffer, their inevitable  rhymes or counting backwards. Remind the subject that you have the power to play these "attacks" back to the subject for the rest of his life...play a series of pre recorded amplitudes and a hint of emotional overlap of a schizophrenics Hz frequency along side generic "Loop" of emphasized "familiar" sounds of obvious characterized simulations of exaggerated lunacy. Slowly re introduce yourself as a Mentor ,a guide who will never do this again..if the subject at least 'tries" to work within the confines that you BOTH must work ,remind subject  that mind to mind interface is an art...

.assure the subject  that he will face penalties and  bodily harm for his shirking of civic  responsibility to and toward the  development  of "the process"

 make the subject understand that THIS was not an unwarranted  involvement ..that the subject brought his participation in the study upon himself... instigate disclosure of all  things he might have done ..to be  responsible for neural monitoring  and suitable for thought transcription ,remind him that "the process and the interface are for his own benefit ,to "make him a better person"  and remind him that "this  unwanted interface" is a game, something other people might even pay to have one day. Remind the subject that this endeavor would be 'fun" for anyone but himself, who is afraid of everything a genuine MAN would be glad to "be a part of" remind the subject that the occipital over lays 'are far out" and "are a gift" for his compliance and participation. Remind him that he can be either hurt or helped by how he perceives "the events taking place"

 make him understand that the Mentor/Mentee system has no use for either memories or sentimentalities of self based thought nor  reminiscing ,recalling of events which will only embarrass the subject.."

 Remind the subject that remembrances  interfere with a seamless Mind to Mind  correspondence
search the subject's conscious and subconscious for "easy wins" that will humiliate the Mentee into submissive disambiguation ...the mentor must be careful only to  pick at "thought clusters" that will not  re-awaken other  branches of unwanted thought styles that are not beneficial to "group thought "unless it is beneficial for the mentor to shame the subject into releasing more "with hold "prior to enacting a sequence of "release" remember to have a lesson presented that is for the subject's sake...pertaining to creating co-adaptive buffer systems. This will also cause the subject's unconscious to "think about " things they do not wish to 'share


use heuristic rules based on patterns for detecting self referentials  and other forms of "self talk" that interferes with Mind/ Mind interaction. Heuristic scanning looks for code and/or behavioral consistencies  indicative of future hindrances or subversions of "private observations"


Catch the subject hiding or contorting a private or embarrassing thought

remind the subject you or someone higher up will always be monitoring the subject's thought s because they have been found 'sick" or disgusting

remind the subject that beyond electronic interface his "sick thoughts" travel and are probably heard or at least assumed by people "not with the project"

begin associative  exercises to find specific data of "possible self made correlations of this information represented..

ASK FOR HELP from "ground bound " associates to  inundate subject with Real Time examples .... a member of The Community Theater may plug their nose when subject walks buy for instance ,,

  to foster a successful mind to mind of mind  interface the subject must only respond to you

 indoctrinate the subject with fears based on his own self referential style. If done correctly in time the subject's consciousness will lose all impetus to return to useless imprints and the subject will remember that YOU were there to watch them fight their fear ..remote neural monitoring brings about discovery which can be used as leverage and co -dependence..

(1)  observe patterns of thought which are self serving and non communal.(recollecting past experiences from/about childhood,daydreaming,anxiety about the future"anxiety about "the testing' ,a need to speak with others about "the voices or seeing ...a subconscious desire to destroy "the project' and destroy himself to terminate the project,self justification to "be own person... The most advanced part of behavior-based heuristic scanning is that it can work towards detecting future conflicts of effrontery towards the Mentor 

 it might be necessary to revisit  self conscious Reactives and Withholds  to heightened shame so the subject learnsto   detect their own "sick thoughts" that cause interface to degrade to "self referential static" 

instigate punitive process in the form of both aural and visual inducement   to "undo" specific peculiarities the Mentor has with subject's unwillingness to "think in a way that is communal rather than self referential..

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