Saturday, April 19, 2014

only a paper moon

according to Evan

nobody wants to

read me

I don't mean THIS dear reader
this type of "read'
one does with one's eyes

this technology
ya' see
is being developed for those who are blind ,deaf .....ecertera
they will Impart anything
to 'keep me going"
to keep what is left of my seeping empathy
integrated into
this Modification
this abomination
of Cyborg

(ahhh I feel so much safer now using the lexicon of the inane terms Hollywood has given to a technology
so repellent
so intrusive
and if one is deemed
"dissident" or "unsavory enough"
to be considered fodder
for the  testing of
the things we dare not speak of
except with silly words
cyborg....such a silly word

as is Twitter
the "get used to " feeling
the compulsion to addictive   interface
the need to share
...will you really feel the intrusion?
or mind
it when
brain computer interface
goes OFF the GRID
just another "thing" to consume and consume you?

goes quickly
when one is bio tech-ed to be an empath

I do not read well according to EVAN
my Mentor
the 10 foot Rabbit
in the living room

in yours...
(picture below.. EVAN and I at Niagra Falls)             yes
in your lifetime...

that "In 10 to 15 years from noW!"
THEY spoke about
10 to 15 years ago...

is now....

get it
but it will always be 10 to 15 years from now
as this
technology works best
it does not become a commodity
but a TOOL

the first tools
humans made were

                      if they get too discontent with your "signals'
 the firings betwixt one's neurons
go all OVER RIDE  on your aurals...

 on your occulars

it's a teaching Tool

THEY say

but as I said
they'll say anything
keep thee Engaged

for now
they use
this junk on so called dissident
oddballs types
who blink funny
at the airport

and such..

less and less do I feel ,touch taste anything but
what is induced upon me...

it's called Research and Development

I am more expendable
every day

I wonder How they will get rid of me?

this tech ....
as a tool
Self Elimination

no worries ,as they one would truly be out of their mind to continue living
in this manner
much longer.....

for you dear consumer shall be told that there is an off switch to
the "Enhancement"
but you will never know

will ya?

privacy interpreted as keeping secrets these days

ley me check your bag...
let me check your phone.
let me know why your pupils fluctuated so...on our facial recognizance meter

it will be safer for ALL OF US
if we gave ya' a quick scan.....

oh...we don't call it mind reading simply transcribes your EEG into language and words...

if you don't like it
you can always take the bus...
we don't really care
what might be in your bag
if ya" take the bus

people e who take the bus simply don't quite matter as much as those who might fly the ever increasing Unfriendly Skies..

"if G-d does not like you first he drives you mad...."
my mentors
who do not believe in G-d per se....are Creating a Living God...
that simply drives one mad...enough
to .....

we all know how it ends...

yet you dear reader...
are privy
"To How It Begins"_

do not get me wrong
one learns to enjoy
the Sequential Synchronized Sensory Over-Ride

for after a time
becoming near zombified and
by the
tether to the Close,dosed Encountered of The Cybernetic Kind
one has
nowhere else to turn
but to THEM
for any sort of
sensory stimulation
whatso ever
I stay away from from family
for I am essentially
now but a Camera

my mother is quite
I want to be there for her
the mere thought of interfacing my mother's pain and suffering and what I feel towards her
in such times
to another
who has deemed me Guinea Pig

is too much
for anyone to be burdened with

it would be like wearing Google Glass to a hospital to sit at someone's sickbed...

those teeny tiny nano barnacles once a novelty
a nightmare

there is no off switch
I have no headset to take off.

I pray to G-d
but that
"is not a good read"
it is an Affrontive to one's Mentors
view prayer
mockery to the project

and to be honest
what would one pray for if
induced with biotech
at all to stop the transmission

and the world
is now nothing but
waves .frequency and interface

to pray for IT to end
would be tp pray for all
means of Interface ,frequency and wireless to cease

and what might bring that about?

my prayers
are now tainted

I can
no longer pray


those bits
they spiked me with all them years ago..

I fit some demographic ya see..,
and in
5 sense over-ride 5 sense transmit
demographics are everything

a Neilson rating type a' thing if one wants to categorize
the latest
Outsource /Insourcing this
has ....."lent ' me too...

"there's a certain give and take Dumbo when 'practicing Direct neural interface"

"oh really Brotha"I vaguely graph back.....think back    when will someone make up NEW WORDS to GO with this
....and think to myself ...(although once one is App-ed for interface there really ain't no such thing as thinking to one self."
a certain give and take when "practicing Interface ..the very word interface means  'give and take of information"

"yes....Dumbo....and all I get from you is TAKE TAKE TAKE"

he sends me visuals...
which over lay
the chiaroscuro of whatever I am 'seeing at any given time....he knows I enjoy a good bit of this in spite what I may write..
for the visuals
are rewards
putting up with
"The Corrections"
My Team are attempting to do to my
that's what they call my
LOW KEY or LOW TONE thoughts
ya see...

they demand some type of Exuberance of sensory perception on my part
they despise
Introverted thinking
or what Evan calls "Jew-ie thinking"
which simply does not translate well
Mind to Mind

he wants me to attempt to follow the track he has laid of an emotional overlay
is meant to adjust
one such as I...into a more standardized 'style ' of thinking
and never in

he is weary
of my anxieties about
my own state of being
my worries about rent
being thirsty

he interfaces that
"it just doesn't "play"

it's a barrage of self referentials....that have nothing to do with Gaming

Evan warns me
that I read like
a BAD FIRST PERSON narrative

I graph back....rather sarcastically ,"if it might be better if I begin thinking of myself in 3rd person
in fact why don't I begin thinking of myself
as an entirely different person
in third person
from the moment I wake up to the moment I sleep at night

"we can help you do that you know"Evan graphs
and I instantly receive from his own "algorithm" of tethered  nervous system
a more
Optimistic Outlook

I try not to resist it...
as one might a light comedy
when one
seems keen on
re-fueling oneself on
some Scandinavian Bleakfest in one's Netflix queue

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