Saturday, April 12, 2014

Bettors and Lessors in a BCI world


took the monkey he called

     Cubby's home was a 9 foot by 8 foot cage

       another monkey
                     named Pandy 

also lived in a cage in SyberProxy's laboratory

    built Pandy's cage
  to be 2 sizes smaller than Cubby's

Mickie took great pains to let 
that his cage was much smaller than Cubby's

and Mickie
also made sure that Pandy saw that Cubby got fed first
and  was fed better food than Pandy

Mickie also wanted Pandy to notice
that Cubby was
hugged and played with

                while nobody
           including the lab assistants
     were allowed to hug ,play or teach Pandy anything

also had microprocessors placed in his skull
these small components
made feasible
a computerized interface
to take place between the two
when the chips were "turned on" Cubby and Pandy could exchange
thoughts ,feelings and mutual vision as if by telepathy

the two monkeys "practiced' a Brain Computer interface BCI)
which offered the two a co-conscious mind
Cubby was always the dominant

Cubby's mind
trained to steer ,lead and command
without fail
Pandy in an even Lessor position than his Handlers did

the handlers of the two monkeys
purposely created an atmosphere
of dichotomy
between the monkeys
for purposes of research
but there was no way Cubby could have known that

and Mickie was always surprised why Cubby
always a most peaceful and loving playmate
vengeful and cruel
he communicated mind to mind with Pandy

 as Cubby
did rather odd
cruel things to Pandy with his mind
for instance Cubby could
make Pandy bang his head against the cage
or rip at his own face until
had to disengage
the two monkeys from a co-conscious commune

Mickie was at first surprised that Pandy did not
share some of the tricks he had learned from his handlers with the Pandy
it seemed as if Cubby wanted to keep all beneficial information
he might have shared with Pandy
to himself

Cubby it seemed did not want to share
his good fortune of being
"the liked " monkey

surely Cubby had seen
how poorly Pandy was treated
but this did not make Cubby
empathize for Pandy
Mickie deduced
Cubby had seen how the lab assistants and Mickie himself treated Pandy as a second class
and deduced that -

Pandy got what he deserved   


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