Saturday, April 19, 2014

Evan appears as G-d
Or some version a child
Might have of G-d
I think

And EVAN sublimates "that I am a man child ..
"same thing"..
And!Evan Imparts
 according to my neural reads
What my demographic  thinks and thus
To look like-----

I think to EVAN
in pictures

A longer beard
And  more curls
To the hair
Picture to EVAN
A form of G-d as cumulus
With a crown on

Evan displays a visual  of this co conscious image against the far wall

And transmits a transference      to my biotech-ed brain
G-d must be quite
Sick of being
Visualized as some "take" on Zeus
He than rambles
Overtaking my entire attenuation
With his random
Thoughts about
G-d and myth and representations
Next interfacing me opinions of his about some Mr Clean commercial
And next he reads the entire ingredient list of some Trader Joe's burrito

"Just a taste dumbo ....of your own medicine.."

I think nothing right
To these mentors
Nothing at all....

"The response to the ad was fine,as it was an automatic thought...a stimulated evocation..
The reading of ingredients
They take as a deliberate Affrontive
A mocking
Of the interface

A waste of everybody's time

"Can we get back to work."
He graphs

And send me a visual of a well built Nordic blonde standing fully erect

He graphs

"Is G-d"

To whom..i Graph

"To everyone that Matters"he graphs back

and fades away

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