Monday, April 21, 2014

Burgedy Velvet

I like it  Valerie Prentis Imparts

the velvet ropes

Can you design a Flag
without all that bust Blue
in it?
and those tacky stars?

that's Velvet Rope Burgundy
and Bright White?

"off white I cannot help but graph back in spite of myself...and maybe just two "stripes" of burgundy with  a golden chain link ....bringing the two "stripes" of burgundy together...indicating...a sort of open/shut policy " I feel like banging my head against the wall....
but Valerie knows how to use imbue in such a way
gets my synapses in synch

"Consider me the wicked stepmother you never had boy....the gorgeous straight girlfriend who
makes sure you
don't buy
the wrong curtains"

"Curtains/"I graph back...

"Curtains ," she imbues....

it's only a movie
it's only a movie
it's only a movie
it's only a movie
it's only a movie

I say to myself...rocking back and forth
for the TONE of my emotional state my HZs....
was deliberately
adjusted to a sense of FEAR
I cannot explain...

the words."it's only a movie"
the chant
I say is over written with
a Voice I do not so much hear as sense..
"it's not only a movie when the movie is a 5 sense Immersive Over Lap is it kiddo/'

my mind scrambles to find something in itself
my interface at least SEEM more
congruent with The New Way

my mind goes back to the colors burgundy and white

"and Black ," Valerie says

"no gold reminds me of Pawn Brokers...and of ...."
"Lessors"I graph...

There is a smile her tone and thus in mine.....I feel suddenly a new regard for Bettor...
someone to aspire to be ...
a reason to keep up with my
Neuronautics Courseload...

"if one gets rid of one's Aberrations and one's Emblematics that were put upon one's Person by Others who have not been retaught by becomes finally Free of Old Way False Premise.

Premise .is a pre determined basis and setting Emblemized unto a person without their having any of the tools we have taught you to block such Ruinerous Input...

perhaps it might be best if you come back to LA...
before you regress any further....
be amongst your Mentors .Your Real Family

face to face

to eyeball...

palm to palm....."

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