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pink version jacobs battle

To glean an idea of what he might be missing
"The Facetaker
Indis found himself rereading his own work
for hints
surely Valerie had found something in "let Us Be Conquered"
that indicated that
he be the man to
the novelization Facetaker


 "I've never heard of Edwin Meese",I say

"He's a sculptor ,he went crazy ,kinda like you"

You say"They found him with his face cut off down by the train tracks..might have been some kind of performance art...him cutting off his own face"
" did they find a knife?"I ask
"what ,no they didn't ..they think some one else did it..but I knew Edwin..he's the type that might cut off his own face "you say
"I heard of someone cutting off their nose to spite their own face but not someone cutting off their face to spite their nose ." I say
"who said anything about his nose.Edwin O'Meese had a beautiful nose,the most beautiful nose I have ever fact.his nose was photographed and than placed in a 3 -d printer so some  cosmetic  surgery clinic could offer it to potential clients"you said
"i heard about nano cosmo..the cosmetic surgery they do with nano you think maybe the Face taker took Edwin Meese's face as a template?'
"you know. I never thought about that doesn't pay to be beautiful these days...Not with the face taker out there" you say

Indis O 'Say was confused why Parasol Pictures would ask him to write
a "novelization" of
 the face taker
a horror movie-
thought Indis not even a Horror Movie but
a Slasher movie

it was beneath him,thought Indis

 according to Valerie Prentis was already in pre production
"it was crucial  "these days".
that a  movie
first  be a novel
so people are already familiar with the product

"it doesn't have to be a masterpiece Indis just something to whet the the public's appetite for the film"

whet the public's appetite
For what?
thought Indis who had read the both the original screenplay
and the shooting script
for "this mess"
"Does anyone really need
more of THIS
inside their heads?"Indis could not help thinking

The Face taker was about
a disfigured Mad Scientist
who preyed on
men and women
cared too much about their appearance

according to both the original screenplay and the shooting script

there is a "reasonable" reason 
to the Face Taker
behaves the way he does
using the wonders of science for evil

the Face Taker you see
had a baby brother

"the facetaker" ,who is never referred to by name
 in the screenplay screenplay
and his baby brother are being baby sat by a very handsome next door neighbor

the handsome-ie Babysitter
is so handsome
or so vain
that he can neither pass a mirror nor  pull himself away from
a mirror
if so encountered by his visage

after the typical ins and outs of handshaking and "the rules of the house" of the parents of the 2 boys
ages 5 and 8
even comments on the babysitter's striking good looks
"My that boy has strikingly good looks"
the Beauti-liscious Boy BABYSITTER
leaves the BOYS
in THE LIVING ROOM to their own vices

and "disappears into the UPSTAIRS BATHROOM
for a good long look at himself
in the mirror

he finds a tube of hair gel in the medicine cabinet
and begins what seems to be a quite practiced ritual of both self love and intense grooming

sort of a take on Narcissus
is this babysitter
who cannot pull himself away from his own image

the BOYS are making popcorn on the stove when OFF SCREEN a cell phone rings

leaves the kitchen and thus the younger brother alone .The younger brother is on a stool
watching the popcorn pop

it seems the popcorn is not popping fast enough for the young boy who TURNS THE KNOB of THE FLAME up high

we over hear the OLDER BROTHER who has apparently picked up the phone LAUGHING.

we CUT to the BABYSITTER applying a lather of hair gel to his wondrous locks.

we next CUT to the FLAME of the stove element licking the wallpaper behind the stove.The Boy is absorbed in the physics of the popping ,jumping corn

there is a CLOSE UP
of the BABYSITTER'S NOSE which sniffs

one can only  assume
 that the BABYSITTER (also never referred to by name) is aware of smoke..
 cannot seems perhaps purposely
of anything
but  his own reflection

a WIDE SHOT informs us
 that the small fire caused by  LITTLE BROTHER
is not so small anymore

and LITTLE BROTHER of the future mad scientist FACETAKER
hides in a closet from the now rampaging fire

YOUNG FACETAKER(the Big Brother) frantically searches the house for his sibling

mean while pretty boy BABYSITTER (who is certainly not doing his job sitting for anybody but his own appraisal)
is still at the mirror
hearing or not hearing
 the SCREAMS of the THE BOYS in his ward
so entranced is
BABYSITTER with his mirrored image

in fact
 it is not until a plume of black smoke
comes between BABYSITTER and mirror
that pretty boi BABYSITTER
attempts to "come to the rescue'

BUT it is too late...
and the house is by now an inferno!


the SOUNDS and VISION of help on the way
 but too late!

BIG BROTHER(the future mad scientist FACETAKER is now a ghastly half burnt "monster"
holding the still smoldering carcase of his brother
sees the babysitter
not touched ,marred or in any way by the fire..

INSERT the words

20 years later

we see whom we presume is  FACETAKER in an elaborate INTERIOR-

we see the back of his lab coat
and his gloved hands
holding the ubiquitous serum or secret potion of some kind!

He cries out some equivalent  of "Eureka!"
 the chair spins around
to reveal the still
disfigured older brother.THE FACETAKER now in his late 20s

we  ZOOM in on the vial FACETAKER is holding
and SEE
that the Potion he is "discovering" is not a serum or potion at all!
but millions of tiny particles
tiny chips.teeny tiny microprocessors!

the audience knows this because

 a beautiful LAB ASSISTANT enters the frame ,apparently hearing the "eureka moment"

"so you've Done it.
You've done it at last!You've Made the remote controlled Nano micro processors that can alter ones appearance subdermally work!"

but we see her pull away when
FACETAKER tries to turn the hug into a kiss...

"I'm ..I'm..I'm so sorry " the LAB ASSISTANT says running out of the LAB crying...


Next we see several MONKEYS and RABBITS
their faces swelling up and down
One MONKEY's face actually begins to "morph"

into a semblance of human feature-ness 

and back again
to monkey!

who have apparently come to the lab to witness this extraordinary breakthrough
in cosmetic surgery!
and a very long winded 'speech" about how the nano particles,
smaller than white blood cells can cluster into shapes
or what FACETAKER calls"filler"
FACETAKER explains that
 the nano can behave like teeny tiny surgeons with scalpels and either  "eat away at small almost imperceptible
subcutaneous structures of both the cartilage
and smooth muscle
or act as
(filler) that can
shape the human face
into any sort of beaut-ousity
a potential consumer of
Nano Cosmo (the name of the nano cosmetic company that FACE TAKER has founded )might desire

that the nano particles are potable and edible

                  the polymer coated nano particles enter the blood stream and have no problem passing through the blood brain barrier.Next ,the particles which are embedded with magnetic components that can be shifted into place by a remote device let me show you the magic of Nano Cosmo at work gentlemen!

FACETAKER opens open a cage which contains a MONKEY
FACETAKER places the MONKEY on a small chair ,FACETAKER picks up a remote device .and we watch the MONKEY'S face shift in structure into a very handsome version of human handsome-osity

CLOSE UP on FACETAKER'S HAND on REMOTE ,his finger presses a button and we watch
the previously human looking  MONKEY'S's face completely change into a version of monkey monstrosity!

A collective shout of fear and awe emanate from the choir of
FACETAKER quickly pushes the remote and changes the MONKEY'S face back to it's intended design

 pat  FACETAKER on the back for his wonderful "work"
and all but one  REMARKABLY GOOD LOOKING COLLEAGUE shuffle out of the Lab.

is a very curious fellow we notice
goes poking around the lab
like he owns the place

                           REMARKABLY GOOD LOOKING  COLLEAGUE
            you are an absolute genius I am sure we will make billions from this sensational new technology!

the FACETAKER puts out his hand
scarred with the
burns from a decade or more ago
for a hand shake
 the REMARKABLY GOOD LOOKING COLLEAGUE apparently repulsed by the burns
does not shake FACETAKER's HAND!
instead REMARKABLY GOOD LOOKING  COLLEAGUE slips his hands in his own pockets saying," nice work"
and with eyes averted from 
even making eye contact with FACETAKER's disfigured face 
sauntering out of the room


"wait," FACETAKER cries out
"let's have a drink ...
I can't really go out and celebrate can I ..Not like this he says indicating his mis-shapen face


the FACETAKER pulls a bottle of scotch and a some plastic cups out  of his drawer
and begins pour himself and his colleague a drink
FACETAKER'S back is turned
as he pours the scotch for himself and  REMARKABLY GOOD LOOKING  COLLEAGUE too repulsed by FACETAKER to even shake his hand!

his back still turned FACETAKER reaches into his lab coat
and removes a vial
with he uncorks
and pours into one of the cups
  could it be?
that FACETAKER has poured
  Nano Particles that act as teeny tiny scalpels or filler that can  add and subtract,enhance or disfigure  the facial structure
of any man ,woman or animal by remote control!


standing in front of his mirror
combing his hair


"it's a throw away book ,that we'll make sure gets a hot spot ...on the sellers list...
it really doesn't even have to "come out"we'll just toss snippets of it in some magazines.."

you just DO what you Do Indis ..we'll do the rest...,"Valerie Prentiss said

Valerie Prentis
saw something somehow important
in" the project"
for it was being shot  The New Way
that bypassed the usual methods of  film distribution
by bypassing one's eyes and  ears
Immersive Reality was a very expensive format
and not just any "story"
was being made for a Direct Neural Experience 


To glean an idea of what he might be missing
"The Facetaker
Indis found himself rereading his own work
for hints
surely Valerie had found something in "let Us Be Conquered"
that indicated that
he be the man to
the novelization Facetaker

Chapter 7 of the pink version
 completely on the Great Being
communing with Jacob
and that for instance
it was "just plain sick-o to for instance masturbate while one knew one was in "commune' with
a Being that could read your mind and
SEE the images in one's mind 's eye..

also that it was "sicko " and aberrant for a MAN to spend so much time either focusing on
self referential's
especially during practices of basic hygiene
including bathing
and even relieving themselves
that a
genuine man
must learn to
go to WHITE SPACE in their mind during
such practices.

WHITE SPACE was a technique
not to encourage a subject
to With hold or attempt to buffer one's thinking
but a way of
according to the Voice of-
"placing a curtain between "sick" thinking that might occur doing one's toilet

"One must learn to imagine themselves both In a Cloud and Away from The Cloud at the same time"

this type of thinking Jacob
causes the left and right hemispheres of the brain
to temporarily

confabulate the mise en scene

parasol had recent gone public about it's

research and development of a  Transcranial Immersive Reality
which projected story
Directly to one's  Temporal Lobe and Thalamus
quite like ,to be metaphorical
virtual reality 
except the subject  wears not headgear ,no goggles
 Indis O' Say
wanted to be a part of
the project
sponsored in part by Neuronautics 
who KNEW how to
speak with out speaking .as Gary Rainy had taught them too

Indis found himself rereading "The Pink Version"
the Young Adult version of "Let Us Be Conquered"
which was written
from the perspective
of Jacob
who like Sara
had been contacted by
The Great Being

and was struggling with
this new style of Telepathic-like Communication
"gifted" to him by
the Sage Invaders

early in chapter 2 we find
Jacob  trying
like many "subjects"
adapt to an "open air" communion with
 The New Intelligence

 that had settled upon the world

The Being in
the Pink Version of the Young Adult Version of "Let Us Be Conquered" was much more severe and downright nasty than" The Being "
that visits Sara
in The "Blue" version

as the Pink Version  
almost completely on Jacob 's tumultuous
relationship with
this g-d like entity
whose only wish seems to be
that Jacob
 heed to it's wish that Jacob
"think right"
what might

compared to an unsolicited
 Brain Computer Interface

or as Jacob insists
In the Beginning

rage of the Great Being
at being taken as some type of Mental Disorder

"was Jesus suffering a breakdown ,a psychotic break? when The Lord spoke unto him Jacob?

Jacob graphed,thought "telepathized' back "some
do think so..."

"Non believers One and All"graphed The HGreat Being

"is not my affliction exactly the same as a schizophrenic 's?...seeing hearing Voices..feeling they are guided by an outside Force?"

"a schizophrenic however does not see and heafr his hallucination work in tandem," the Voice said ,for the first time appearing as A a handsome 30ish man in a Peppermint Striped Seersucker Suit."

 "force"  insisted that Jacob
help "it"
and develop
a beneficial "style of co -consciousness"
that might be standardized
so that all may one day be able to
think with out censor ,buffer or self consciousness
to a Power Greater than Thine -self

the Being
admitted He ,It ,I
am not accustomed
to human "thought style"
and wished
the nature of Man's Mind
considered the Beings needs
and acquiesced

for' why would an otherworldly entitity
be "used to " human thought"
when this possibly un- artificial intelligence
prefers or only can communicate 
via a type of  telepathy
that required
a man
so much less on the food chain of Knowing
be "of course" be submissive
but also Open Minded
in sharing what the
great one
sometimes referred to as his source code
or "brain map"

the Being
also seemed to want a type of respect
that Jacob ...
was either not prepared, impelled or able
to provide
in fact Mind to Mind communication
often disgusted poor Jacob
who wished and wished
for his previous
private mind
no matter that The Great Being
needed information
on how Man "ticked"
to Standardize
"The New Way"

The Being in The Pink Version
is consistently furious with Jacob
for doing "it all wrong
The Being in fact presumes that Jacob is intentionally
fighting the
"progress"of Man kind

this fighting
for private thought
is soon taken by The Great Being as  proof
that Jacob's
desire to "be left alone" and "not read"
of Jacob willfully hiding something-
and The Being imparts to Jacob that
a closed mind
is a mind that wishes to remain closed
because the subject
is hiding something
which The Being soon claims is
a type of innate Badness
perhaps the Being was 'sent here"
to first identify
 than measure and than

at one point
in the Pink Version of "Let Us Be Conquered"
the Being
seems all but convinced that Jacob
is not only inheritantly bad
but a "bad sport" as well
refusing to
"help categorize ,quantify and standardize"
the ways of The Mind
The Entity suggests
Jacob is a prime example of just "the type"
that might
should not "be allowed" to exist in This New World
at all

a "truce" is reached between poor Jacob
and The Great being
"only asks at the very least
 become more  Wholesome in thought
and thus action

'which means ,if you are to survive this extraordinary circumstance
you must
 learn how to
and curb thy " thoughts"
that make me skeeve and shamble!

 and  Commandments and Directives
of "how to be" and "how to think"
begin being Imparted to poor Jacob's 
now Open Mind

on whim tHE great Being
Impart both SOUND and IMAGE
and even MOOD upon Jacob

poor Jacob 
at times felt
he was but a puppet
a marionette.!
to The Great Being


Indis paged through
The Pink version of "Let Us Be Conquered"
and focused on the chapters that in any way dealt with
the self absorption so hated
by The Face Taker!

"jump"* the voice DID say

the minute Jacob awoke

 and this only made Jacob want to live more!
            solely to expose the
Being's true nature
as Jacob assumed
and rightly so that Others were also being
read and written upon by The Being

focused on the later chapters
of The Pink Version for answers
looking everywhere in himself and the books
he had written that had seemed to write themselves
for The Face Taker....

for the reasons that Parasol Pictures
wanted He in particular
to write the
novelization of the
Cautionary? tale of self referential" existenz"

Chapter 15
in which the Great Being
imparts to jacob
it was "just plain sick-o to for instance masturbate while one knew one was in "commune' with
a Being that could read your mind and
SEE the images in one's mind 's eye..

also that it was "sicko " and aberrant for a MAN to spend so much time either focusing on
self referential's
especially during practices of basic hygiene
including bathing
and even relieving themselves

*The U.S. patent  describes a technique for aiming ultrasonic pulses at specific areas of the brain to induce "sensory experiences" such as smells, sounds and images.

"The pulsed ultrasonic signal alters the neural timing in the cortex," the patent states. "No invasive surgery is needed to view live and/or recorded images or hear sounds."

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