Thursday, April 17, 2014

"A.I./ the USA"

 Patent Applications and Grants for -Signal cortical processing that remotely decodes audio and visual signals from neural networks to induce a synthesized neural algorithm upon test subject...

  • 5,706,402 January 1998 Bell
  • 6,358,281 March 2002 Berrang et al.
  • 6,363,369 B1 March 2002 Liaw et al.
  • 6,643,627 B2 November 2003 Liaw et al.


Plurality of processing nodes that receive and decode audio-visual signals from neural network tissue in order to produce corresponding or discordant output signals consisting of synthesized audio-visual reciprocity in which at  least one output signal is used to induce at least one electric signal in nervous tissue to augment ,over-ride or overlay temporal patterns of said participant.

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