Saturday, April 12, 2014

mickie's monkey

Cheryl watched and listened to the monkey playing cymbals to the sound of organ grinder music
coming out of a man  in a peppermint striped suit's' phone
.the monkey was wearing a bell hop uniform.
and a little version of the man's peppermint striped suit
a group of people had gathered around the man and his monkey
taking photos and videos

"I remember when I used to see monkeys playing cymbals those golden days when the organ grinder and the monkey came to town,"Cheryl said to no one in particular in the crowd photographing, filming  and posting the scene

but than Cheryl remembered
she had
 only seen  monkeys  dressed in similar outfits playing cymbals to an organ grinder 's music
on television

and than
 if she really
thought about it
she had only seen representations of monkeys playing cymbals to an organ grinder's grinding
as representations...
as cartoons

Still,she said ,getting closer to the man and monkey"Oh I remember my' mother used to take us to see monkeys playing cymbals
all through my magnificent childhood.."

wanting to further remember her false memories of her magnificent childhood
Cheryl stepped through the crowd to be closer the  man in the peppermint striped suit playing the organ grinder music through his cell phone

the man in the peppermint striped suit told the approaching woman,"but you have never seen "this take " on MONKEY PLAYING CYMBALS TO ORGAN GRINDER I assure you...'
and with that
the peppermint striped man
removed   the bell boy cap from the monkey's head
and next he removed
the monkey's skullcap
exposing the monkey's brain
filled with all sorts of bright and shiny
sensors and wires

the removal of the top of the monkey's head did not frighten Cheryl
as the sound of the removal of the monkey's skull sounded
very much like the sound of someone removing the top of a cookie jar

The man in the peppermint striped suit ,noticing Cheryl's nonplussed expression
was pleased
as she had shown absolutely no emotion or fright
seeing the monkey's "undoing"

"We lined the skull cap  with porcelain," the man in the peppermint striped suit  explained,
"porcelain as you know
has unique qualities that naturally repel microbes and such."

The man who Cheryl presumed owned the monkey placed
 he top of the monkey's skullcap neatly in a hat box
The monkey's master than  invited Cheryl to look down and see the inside of the monkey's now exposed brain..
Cheryl was not put off by the myriad of electronics's and electrodes glimmering atop the monkey's grey and whitish brain in the warm sun
The Man seemed
pleased that this woman was not phased or skittish
about the monkey's enhancements

the monkey's master
showed Cheryl a remote control he said "Helped the monkey learn new tricks"
"watch" the monkey's master said,pushing a button-
that caused the scalp-less monkey to attach himself like a little child to Cheryl's thigh

"what a little darling", Cheryl said,resisting an urge
to pat the top of the monkey's head
which was not there

monkey's owner's laughed at the good natured
Automatic Response of Cheryl's

pressed another button
signaling  the monkey
 to let go of Cheryl's leg

---the monkey seemed for a moment confused---

"do not be concerned" The Man in the Peppermint Suit said to Cheryl
as the monkey
walked over to the Hatbox and placed his previously removed skullcap back  upon his head.

"I give him Free Will ..or at least the illusion of such"
and with that the monkey placed
the bell boy cap
atop his  re -attached pate
and began playing the cymbals once more
 to the
broadcast-ed organ grinder music emitted from the man in the peppermint striped suit's phone

"Oh," said " Cheryl ,watching the monkey play the cymbals with such adeptness to the music
"How marvelous it would be to have something like that ,that allowed me to have such talents"


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