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human history
there  been people that had
seen and heard things from spirits, angles
and all sorts of celestial entities
Gary Rainy was one of these men who had been called to become
a bridge and a catalyst-
between this reality
- and a reality beyond ours

Many famous men 
in modern times have had visitations from
angels and religious guides
for instance, Joseph Smith of the Church of Ladder Day Saints

Gary Rainy  through focused meditation and many years of independent study here and abroad 
was perhaps destined 
to be" the one' 
found clean and clear enough
of heart ,soul and sentiment
to be found suitable enough go to the other side
and enjoy and learn from his
contact the Great Entity from the spirit world

whether or not the Great Entity
Gary wrote ,"resided only as Emittance  or had reconvened himself as some new incarnation of life form of  planetary domain-I do not know, nor do I know if it is any of my business ..,"Gary often
became either reticent or in fact angry attempting to convey all that he felt ,learned and knew after
his  Mind Walks
with the Entity

"Imagine walking into a pool of pure KNOWING,SEEING and FEELING
another's organism's entire  past ,preset and future
another organism  so much more advanced spiritually and consciously  than us
An organism ,a Being whose state of existence is
a sort of culmination of all the strengths and
purity of humanoid without all the gristle that has been able to attach it self to the chain of life.
now also imagine that this sense of perfect man
unpolluted by sickness ,aberration and false notion and lies
had come directly into your Being
and shared not only it's  mind but it's  5 or more  senses, I say that the Being must have had more than 5 senses because
The Entity and I did not speak with tongues or mouths
but  a New Way
that did not require words..-GR-Inway to the Enway

when I first joined neuronautics
my coach
my mentor
made me keep
a journal
that contained all that I had understood about Gary Rainy's encounters with the Being...and all that Gary Rainly brought back with with him from his MindWalks to teach the world about
things it did not know...about "how to Be"
that it(the world) had to begin learning if mankind was to
keep going in circles
-regurgitating it's own flummox spitting it out and chewing the flummox and so on"

it was quotes like that about the flummox and all that I had to ask my coach about
who was very serious that I didn't just read "InwaY like some kind of motorcycle magazine..
but as scripture
and used a make sure I not only understood every word written in Inways but
held onto it's meaning

we met usually ina the annex that used to be in Hollwoood but than moved down to Koreatown.
we met at fist 2 or 3 times a week
to either do through
Emblamatic...which meant "who are you"
I say you are say I am this."

,at first my coach was a woman named
she would set up 2 chairs facing each other

I say you're a pidelstamp-she would say
challenging me
to Prove to her I was not be fighting the Emblematic she was "fostering upon me"
I would say the firsr defense
to ward off her label
with anything that came to mind
" I amnot a pidlestamp.I am a shoehorn!"

next she might push my chest and say
"I say you're gildysurk"

and I'd say whatever funny word came into my head ,,,
it didn't matter what
except that I believed I was anything other than what she said I was at the moment 
that I Nmbemated myself away from whatever she was saying I was
Pushing me again ,harder ,almost knocking me out of the chair
she'd demand," I was a Gildysurk"

and I would say
"no ! I am a sandyran!"

it would go on and on ...all those fake ,made up words ..that you'd barely be able to speak
like with normal regular language.
the language that The Motherment and the Ruiners taught us to speak
that put all kinds of
picture associations in our minds to go with their words

Jan says THEY made up all the words.
labeled all the beasts and fowl in the air and all the plants and rocks and everything
so that forever and for all time
we would only see
what they say means
do you understand how that
limits the minds
and that they did this ON PURPOSE to keep us from thinking BEYOND

it was exhausting...but it helped a person ,,,not let other people place their own
conceptions ....or ideas of who you were...
upon you..
and made you stand up for
some separate Emblematic of what you were...

than she'd look at my journal.
a lot of it she skipped over
as a lot had to do with just my daily living at the
motel a lot of the level 2 lived in ..
to pay our expenses and for the classes we took we slept in bunk beds mainly and didn't spend what ever money we made "outside" on stuff like sodas or burgers..
there'd always be someone watching make sure you weren't throwing away monies that the group needed...cigarettes were different
she'd compare my journal with the ledger that the Betters kept of the level ones and 2s under them and in their charge
to see how many demerits we got from not being part of the team
a lot of which was simply keeping your area clean..and the communal bathrooms on your duties and not getting "in the doors" too late...or" sleeping in"too late to not be "out of the doors" by 7'30 am

my coach thought I was just what she called idling through Inway to the Enways.and wasn't understanding...or looking up the words I didn't know .so we worked on individual  lines of Gary Rainy's chapters


verb (used with object) 
to bewilder; confound; confuse.

regurgitating it's own flummox spitting it out and chewing the flummox and so on"

I said I knew what regurgitating means
it means spitting out or chewing on your own cud

"No that is not what it means..that's not what Gary wanted you to understand.Co you think Gary Rainy just chose the words he wrote lazily ...idly

so I'd go through my dictionary

Definition of regurgitate (v)

  1. bring food up from stomach: to bring undigested or partially digested food up from the stomach to the mouth, as some birds and animals do to feed their young
  2. repeat information mechanically: to repeat or reproduce what has been heard, read, or taught, in a purely mechanical way, with no evidence of personal thought or understanding
  3. flow out: to flow out or be ejected, especially from the mouth
and we'd begin again with the entire passage

Gary Rainy brought back with with him from his MindWalks to teach the world about
things it did not know...about "how to Be"
that it(the world) had to begin learning if mankind was to
keep going in circles
-regurgitating it's own flummox spitting it out and chewing the flummox and so on"

what does this mean to you?

"it means that Gary learned from The Being that man.,if he didn't learn the things Gary learned from the Being kept thinking and practicing and believing in his own lies  and the confusion taught to him by outsiders,,,again and again  he would always be and same...

"and," my coach would say ,"and what does this mean to you?"

"I don't know that we have to think for ourselves..?"I said

"no ,quite the opposite.
It means that "the entire thinking process" has been destroyed by Ruiners and Outsiders.
And that "The Being" Gary was Taught by,said They had ruined thinking, speaking and all words...that They beguile us  language ...what do you think is one of the reason we do some our Situationals
 with made up words? to be silly?
 because it  helps you get your mind ready for a way of speaking to another without words but with minds when you get to Level 4 and go in the Truth Room with all of Gary Rainy's artifacts and maps and private maps that will help you get IN MODE commune with The Being will need to be able to speak without words



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