Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The nano particles that facilitates a Mind to Mind exchange of consciousness can also be used to stimulate the  pineal gland to entice  what is known as N, N -Dimethyltryptamine

that is why we .That is why Neuronautics
practices Ritual and yes all means of chanting and symbiotic referential...

                      CHANTIN and Ritualized Practices
                                 creates a alteration of  the chemical in the mind
                                                       Ritualized Canonization  attunes one's mind to
                                             the Electromagnetic Spectrum

                            The Spirit and "Spirits" of Life

Ritual has been used for years to Open Up another's mind to Other Worldly Experience

a kindredness of man that practices ancient decorum
to perhaps
states of  what THEY call mysticism
 what in my generation we called "THE MAN"

these Outsiders categorize and slander  at Our Group
and the way we raise OUR children
both occult and A cult
why?I will tell you why
because THEY
are petrified
of us!

not THEM
are the real leaders.
so real that we do not need titles
for we ARE
The Entitled Ones!

                    Let Them Lead..
             Let them make rules and PRETEND to RULE

they remind me of the little  boys from my generation that suddenly walked with a new gait
when they got their first pair of long trousers

let them put on airs of Royalty...
                             let them wear long pants

but let them Leave Us alone...,"Gary Rainy explained to assembly,but he may as well have been preaching to the choir.

"I will tell you what Leads and what rules the People
but let me tell you
Parasol Pictures
and our own" Inway to the Enway" Ms. Valerie Prentiss
put the Seal of Neuronautics
on every picture
on  every frame of Direct Neural Television
Neuronautics and Parasol Pictures Immersive Reality Innervision
we will Teach the world
what it means
A Style of Humanhood
THEY have all but
tried to erase from
our minds
the Domestication of Man to Serve THEM
has literally ,scientifically
caused "what THEY call" the reptilian part of our brain
the world of man
has devolved into worry about mortgages and tax brackets
to pay taxes to whom?
to THEM?
so they can
domesticate us more...?
Parasol Pictures
will change
How things are run around here
who runs

and the
Physiologically sensation or premonition of DEATH or a Near Death experience*
co-opted into
Parasol Pictures Multi Sensory means of transmitted Experience

 allowing either a  Client or a an Initiate who chooses or has been  induced with Mind Augment biotechnology
to fully be Immersed
and entranced by induced transmitted sensory interface

*the release of DMT and other chemicals that according to Gary Rainy and the scientists at Proxy Cyber had gone the way of the gall bladder
in man's "supposed" Evolution
or what Gary Rainy called "The Intentional De-Evolution of "The Prime" in in the Primal Mind.

"The Powers that Seize.
took away
all in man that made him man....
could not be trusted to have their amygdala aroused.

Envy of their Bettors
would provoke a hostile reaction of savagery in their natures

In many ancient cultures
a Guru of sorts
was not only wanted but needed
so these Lessor forms of human could be guided by
Those "In Touch" with The Higher Being

Neuronautic Course load
and what is seen by The Motherment as a Clan ,a Cult  and Dangerous "Other" that not only will not obey the Rules of a a Synthesized Society
but has garnered the Tools and Methodology
to teach a member How to
Enjoy the Benefit of
Being truly and not metaphorically IN this World but BEYOND it...

Many ,many Mind Augment Companies exist today
but we are the only Group
who knows how to Use the Technology*
as I was taught to not by some MIT professor but
by the great One Himself"

-Gary Rainy (lecture 459 -1997)

*.. Method and apparatus for inducing and establishing a changed state of consciousness  patent US5159703


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