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What's more, the approached worked even when test subjects were not aware of what they were learning.

"The most surprising thing in this study is that mere inductions of neural activation patterns corresponding to a specific visual feature led to visual performance improvement on the visual feature, without presenting the feature or subjects' awareness of what was to be learned," said Watanabe, who developed the idea for the research project along with Mitsuo Kawato, director of ATR lab and Yuka Sasaki, an assistant in neuroscience at Massachusetts General Hospital.

"We found that subjects were not aware of what was to be learned while behavioral data obtained before and after the neurofeedback training showed that subjects' visual performance improved specifically for the target orientation, which was used in the neurofeedback training," he said.

The finding brings up an inevitable question. Is hypnosis or a type of automated learning a potential outcome of the research?

"In theory, hypnosis or a type of automated learning is a potential outcome,however, in this study we confirmed the validity of our method only in visual perceptual learning. So we have to test if the method works in other types of learning in the future. At the same time, we have to be careful so that this method is not used in an unethical way."- Mitsuo Kawato


over rides.
week end long
I spend more and more time

I am Home
but I am still
"In lock -up"...they do what they want to you...they won't stop as one of their objectives is to see if they can induce you to
a "final exit"
through A.I.
I can only imagine some genius managing to use this shit on a nationwide network...
Immersive Reality through some network...some bandwidth...some 'tower"..
oh this will not be for everyone will it?
not you dear reader
a beneficial member to society
but I
and ones like me
found so expendable to begin with that
I can be used
literally as HUSK?
will there be lines
of people "(or non persons ...druggies,whores,mental patients ,welfare recipients ,artists who "say too much" or "paint just a little "too "loud"  or just people society deemes
an eyesore...an ear sore...
people you wouldn't want in YOUR CLUB?
every nation is a club isn't it?
this technology ...so real but so so unreal when one dares speaks about it..
this technology that will always be somehow...
10 to 20 years away
"the flying car" that never happens
why would it?
when billions and billions have been spent perfecting
who can't take the "progress"
lined up around skyscrapers? as to leap....
will people be jousting each other out of the way to "get to the top"
in a whole New Way

the pulsations of sound /frequency
I used to think I was extra open too...Indigo children and all that...The Sons and daughters of Gary Rainy

I used to believe that the vibrational force the magnetic spectrum or whatever it's called
was a sort of spiritual
"go to " place
with chakras....and...oh I don't know...
a peace above man...like when I see starving babies in photos I hope the can at least go this
and find some kind of
peace,,,love ..comfort...
beyond earthly...
I used to think maybe that's what it was for..

remember when everyone was worried about the bees
and how
frequencies and man made changes in this "zone"
made like all the bees
not no where to fly to or some thing

well I guess some people saw that these changes in the frequencies and magnetic spectrum
and what it to the bees and said hey we really have something here don't we

if these invisible changes to the electromagnetic system can change a bee's inner compass 
maybe these
engineered changes to the frequencies and pulses can also change a Humans inner compass

and some scientists said
well if we can make the bees lose their way with this "run off" directed energy
maybe we
can also make some people FIND their way with electromagnetic fields

maybe we can alter how a human behaves
 their nervous systems and  the internal "flight pattern"of
human thought

many of the scientists who studied the bees
also studies
"the ways of The Dots"
and how once the Dots were nestled in your dendrites and synapses
how various frequencies...and pulsed
rhythms and stuff
could change the way
the Fight Pattern of the neurons jumped around

that's sorta what they told me

when I signed the form
to get on probation
and got a shot of the Dots in my arm
so that I could practice Merge
before I signed I read the little
packet that goes with the "release"
and terms of agreement to "participating"
in the experimental study
for early release

Neural activity in the human brain generates coherent synaptic and intracellular currents in cortical columns that create electromagnetic signals which can be measured outside the head using magnetoencephalography (MEG) and electroencephalography (EEG). If however one requires a more comprehensive reading
 that may also be rendered by directed field energy
 or if one wants to integrate ,enhance and MERGE one's sensory awareness via a Brain Computer Interface only MERGE by Proxy Cyber Systems can let you and another Reimagine ,Reawaken and Renew one's neural palate

therapy with both a mentor and a computer. Whose job it was
was to read my neural signals
and fix them
by constantly adjusting my "patterning"

I just wanted out of
I didn't listen too hard to what anybody said...
even if I did I don't think I would have understood...
and I probably would have signed anyway....

they told me the dots
were like a kind of ankle bracelet. Monitor

except it monitored your Brain Map...

they didn't tell me
probably on purpose the other things
the Dots *

could do over time

I had no idea than
that one of the
things they don't tell you
is that
they can kill you
the neural over rides
or make you
wish that they would

my crimes now
are not the crimes
I was placed in jail for....
17 months for assault and battery
smacked some guy around who stole my wallet..

now my crimes
are different
my crime now are all about how I think
not how I "act out"
willing I am to change the [patterns of thought that made me the way I am...
that made my mind
spike and make their scanners turn colors and stuff..
and make
Mind to Mind
and my Adaptive Mind Monitoring System turn on me
in an instant
so that I might not keep repeating

but there's more to it than that
much more than I even explain without sound like some nutjob
but they didn't tell me
all "the so called" perks that
 Come with The Dots

and how everyone would and could
"have a go" with a subject embedded with them

"you had a go at the guy who stole your wallet?..." The Voice might say
I now find myself thinking more and more
The Dots want me to
but there's a part of me
that hates The Dots
more and more...
and all I wish is to be free again

.when I" tell "them
when I "think" to them STOP
 enough....I am  done for the day ...no more interfacing......

they don't

I' will jump
I will
slash myself

"it might suit you<" They say in a cartoon voice...and than I sense a change in my mood...
"I am suddenly alright with it"

"you'd better be....." is the threat underneath...."you'd better get used to it"

I went to the police
in the beginning
and asked to be put back in jail
 to serve my time
the normal way
I told them what
and they had a good laugh

making twilight zone noises

"Hey Jim! listen to this! Kid here says they put nano dots in his head and now they send him images   he only sees and hears...says they go all Freddy Kruger on him in his dreams and even when he's wake"i tell them it's an experimental thing....of course it sounds crazy but  I need help

"He repeats the whole thing to 'this Jim"..this cop...

this Jim says back"Maybe if it's experimental ...they'll ease up on me if I "keep it to myself"
You're talking about the MERGE program aren't ya?

I am like flying through the sky
I am so excited
someone knows

"so you can help me than./...make them stop"I say to the cop

h they don't stop kid...and they sure don't want anyone talking about it...the cop looks at me seriously and puts his finger over his mouth

when he sees me start lookin
for someone else to talk to he says

to a police woman

"kid's a p-3000..."

the police woman comes up to me and stares at me ..in my eyes ,ears....
like I'm some
toy or something
that's gonna pop out a  prize..or start sending sparks in the air?

"I heard about P3000 s but I never saw one up close..."cop woman says ,she touches her ear,"but if you keep going on about it.....we'll have to take you to psych....it's a privilege to be P 3000-ed...if you complain about you make it seem like a bad thing...
and people who do that
bad things happen to ,she touches the side of her knows and than mine.."OK Pinocchio?"

I see her whisper to another officer
who starts doing this puppet dance and singing

Gin a body meet a body
Comin thro' the rye,

 Gin a body kiss a body,
Need a body cry?

I now find myself thinking more and more
The Dots want me to
but there's a part of me
that hates The Dots
more and more...
and all I wish is to be free again
or in jail

one my bed.
my body itself a jail
I think of the bees
the bees that dies because some new frequency had made it impossible for the nervous system of the bees
and their antenna
to work "right"
my mind doesn't work "right"

according to my Mentors

all week end
I've been in a fog
as if I have taken some drug
but I know by now that
it's the
"corrections" the same targeted part of the brain a tranquilizer might go to...the same neurons that might respond

like that old Zoloft commercial with those cartoon nerves
being re directed
except NOW they can do it BETTER
with an Insert"
that lets the
worms go in and out in and out in and out
I think...like this now
I think cause I know they read my thoughts so zi think in nonsense and

I hear no
nor no noticeable
alteration of my Emotional State
still frozen
in a "safe zone"

my mentors were concerned
that 2 days ago I had been thinking out of my 'safe zone"
the dots that can transmit images ...and charting of my brain
to my team
suggested that
 an aggressive
manner was indicated by peculiar shade of purple in my PET Scan..
what my Mentors call Deep Purple.

EVAN 's voice interfaces...a red stop sign appear
mid center of the room
it fades
as does the
aural sense of EVAN introducing himself with Tones and a cough that helps me
a, A genuine person is present and tethers to my direct output of thought ...so sit up ...don;'t think about a scab on your leg or about some chick on TV you want to f..
b Be present and respectful .Sit Up. Have respect.

Evan explains Mind to Mind ,no voices after the TONE and Cough
that I had indicated High AGGRESSIVE
while watching a particular TV show

that I had "placed myself" in the WRONG feet
as it were
Criminal must never place themselves too much in the POINT of VIEW of anti hero
but Always the victim...
my state of Deep Purple
was sent via a specific channel of medical frequency that goes with Merge Technology(this frequency also monitors pace makers ,Deep Brain prosthetics for people with Parkinson's ,some brands of cochlear implant)

I assume it was a PET scan rather than a Thought Transcription
that was used to
help me
"redirect " my Emmitance.

I can't say
I feel the
pulsations and tingle anymore..
my doctor calls it generalized Dystonia.
a very
minor case...
virtually unsee-able he says...
he ,the movement disorder specialist that I should see how extreme it can in some others...
besides that tightness of muscles keeps you trim no?
I guess I say

the doc knows I'm P 3000 and not supposed to take drugs...
"it's the price of progress the tingle .the ripple
the tightening of joints ...

they also use the
"apps" to curdle you up if you become "aggressive ' or think "aggressive"
they treat them both the same

I guess the Dr's have to think of you as Frankenstein cause in a way you are Frankenstein

my mood which was rather UP
 I had even been "up to" cleaning my apartment
sinks when I Think the word
p 3000s are supposed to think of themselves as privileged.
as premiers.
not monsters.but not to today do I feel Premier.

I am virtually remotely
pinned like an insect to my bed
my muscles tight,
casing exhaustion fatigue...
from seemingly nowhere

every now and than some Voice that I guess is made to sound generic and un -memorable
explains some of the
"whys and Wherefore"

the fatigue is caused by the frequencies that are being pulsed by trained neurologists and neural mappers
to fix a sort of rigidity upon me
until my mentors can get to the bottom of what triggered
 the Deep purple
next a series of Q and A is done either subliminally or through vocalized interface on their part
to garner an unaccepted
but to be honest
explanation means nothing

just "My Kind" hiding behind words...
so they scrape around ...using visual association and ....all sorts of "rundowns" and things I can barely explain
like turning part of your brain on and off and off and on

like I said you can't really feel it..
you get used to the tingle and you get used to the aphasia or whatever ..it comes off as..
even in the street you learn not to look
like some
they sometimes tell ya to wear sunglasses to hide it...
to hide what
that you made me some fucking ...
a loud tone sears through me
a mean voice yells

when I used to worry about the pulses ..the waves
somehow being powerful enough to enter my mind through my skull the nice sounding woman explained in a bored way
that the frequencies are easily safely parlayed back and forth only because I have Inserts...
that the force around me is very close to the natural field in any home..
every time one answers a cell phone or sits at a computer little un-seeable pulses and waves and magnetics sequences are all around us

she goes on long enough and you wonder why you'd bothered
same thing these days

"Listen up,"EVAN says,"we can do this the nice way or the bad way ....
I feel a pain in my joint which curls up into fist I cannot undo

or nice
and suddenly I feel a jolt of Ecstasy like a took a hit of coke or meth..

"good boy" "good boy"
he says
and my body completely unwinds

a little time out
from "my Time" out ends
and once again the dystonia reaction of rigidity sets it...as the pulsations  tap parts of my limbic system

all cause that damn TV show
some dumb movie ...

that set my mind to send "the Angels"
Wholesome Thought patternings

I live alone
but this is not so
...."quit whining baby doll " A hot young singer my team knows I am Into

in my mind I am careful to go easy on the automatic ..
almost instigated
"take your top off'thinking
hey it might be just them playin with Occipital Over lay and Virtual reality but it's one of the few perks I get
when they're not using it to scare the living crap outta me...

my fist curls by"itself" tighter.
I feel the muscles of my back pinch

"I calm down...I have no choice or the unseen  "Rack"will continue

a quick pinch of what I taste as morphine
the smell of rock cocaine...

but I don't feel the drug...just the taste and smell

HEY I think

They play around I hear,them   when they let me hear them
some of their laughing..some of the Team is cool

"i took my top off as you desired King"" he send me a graph of his outta shape pugy build..
want me to shake me titties for ya?

I cannot help but laughing as he
over rides me with Talo's take on himself shimmying down a gold pole...

I am laughing so hard..
EVAN though tell Talo to take of the helmet
our boy here had gone Deep Purple ...I hear Talo say
"big deal"

"It's a study everything matters you want to take his place? huh...so please..."

Talo monitors me periodically
but make sure I don't think to much about our
using the tech
for "play"
he does some tricky work with my receptors so I "forget" much of the fun we have Mind to Mind
so if Evan peers ..it's all what Talo calls diminuated reverb
thought s that seem as if they're wishes.
made up by me...
Talo doesn't want to get in trouble
or me..
but he feels bad for me although he
he's made clear is as interested in "fixing me" as the rest...
but every one needs some
pussy and "scene" don't they bad boy

all EVAN cares about is Neuronautics and me reading Inway to the Enway
Talo just likes to see if direct Neural Porn  can make me come with out me touching myself..

"that's a test too isn't ti..
he also sends my scans to above Purple experimenting with giving my over lays
of some of the more pure awesome drug a frequency pulse can mimic....
better than the real thing

can make a man come and
feel likes he's flying through clouds like no other....he be the only MERGE DJ anyone ever needs...
but not according to Gary Rainy who believes good sensation and good sensory
input must be
onlu doled out in kind for a
wholesome pure... UN-referential thought

for some one like me
who 's PET scan reads in deep purple
red flags are set off...I imagine
literally red and blur lights
swirling and loud sounds like in a jail break on TV
going on ...
at the Team HQ

at home base.
at missssssion control!
Evan tells me to serious myself up
and explains
that all this mocking
is only gonna make it worse for me..

Deep Purple is a good "tone" for Tennis

        or if a type like me
is crawling over some mcMansion  walls.I cannot help but think and therefore interface

  " yes" Evan agrees."something quite like that"

Deep purple PETSCAN
..let alone the thought transcripts and histamine levels etc
attached to the charts and scans
just do not "play"well
 in-ner city
unless there's some specific function occurring that might indicate that a read in this level of excitement is either sanctioned by either a legitimate group activity like a dance

but certainly not for an ex con alone in his room

(alone huh...HA!)

Evan Imparts
that "People Like Us"know what "Modifiers"
must be induced
in people like me,,,

as if my watching some violent tv show and "seeing" my self in the wrong "role"
was going to incite some fucking riot from my Emmitance

"it's all good" I graph back
and because I made an effort to keep my grips
or Aggressors in LOW TONE
I feel the tingle on the top of my head
lessen and
also feel my left hand uncurl ...and flatten..like it'
like  my hand is my own  again or something

don't get my wrong I am still all but bolted to the bed
the rest of my muscles too worn out from the induced limbic system

I sometimes think of psychotronic adjustment
sorta like
how it makes you kinda relate
to what it might feel like being electrocuted....you know like you see on TV those guys who even though it might look like they can let go of the wire that's gonna surely electrocute them they're like so
entranced stupefied their nerves joints muscles that even their minds

so even though they must know they're going to die
the still can't "let go"
the current of electricity gots em"

but this is a mini current from something
someplace I can see
it comes out of the sky ..out of towers out of satellites out of something

":It comes out of a certain segment of society NEEDING to Know How to Be,"Evan interjects

my mind cannot stop although I am aware I am annoying Evan with my speculation
"it's like being hit with a stun gun
but a really weak one...weak yes
but constant
like you're enveloped in some field no one sees
you don't see this particular gun aiming at you
it just comes
-out of the stars....out of the wires and transmission towers....all around us...

this specific ...New Way
of controlling and fixing people's mind sets who have been issured the dots
just gets lost in the other fields of influence
the WI-FI the Blue Tooth. Modems satellite dishes

no wonders the Bees got lost and died
I mean the bees got CORRECTED! right EVAN
the BEES were thinking wrong so you confused them...EVAN I hate you
let me GO!
make this stop!
I think I yell

EVAN tells me to think of the :fixing "like one might think of correcting a hyperactive child with a good kick in the ass.
We don't believe in psychiatry or pills

JUST WHAT Pulses and frequencies attuning my mind...how's that different from drugs

"it Natural; " Evan Impart

but I assure you there is nothing natural about this

I hear the Tones and a cough somewhere inside my head...and Evan tells me or thinks to me
thinks some how
you can't see how he does it
how they do it

but he gets in you
in your mind
because the MERGE the DOTS that it made it possible for
me to be

Evan has the feel of impatience
like he has other "participants" to "glean"

"do you remember what thoughts you werte thinking that made you
Deep purple.."

"something on tv ..: I look at the Tv which is off and
the image of the movie is sent to Evan anyway

"and what was happening in this movie exactly that made you excited"

"well,"I think ,knowing at the same time I am also sending him images that the dots help them see like these images are now their own

"OK OK///without words .
we me and Evan
study the" footage"
the scene the whatever that raised my vitals and neural output.....

in the movie two French women were shooting at this wealthy family because one of the women was fired from being a maid and this fired
girl's best friend -this postal worker
encourages her to bang bang bang up these rich people who have it all..

it was in French .the movie
and even for france you can tell these people had it all.
I began thinking,may because the movie was in French ....and I had to read subtitles

maybe my "vitals"
like DOUBLE reacted to the
like I was reading
the story
seeing and hearing the story all at the same time

but all EVAN cared about was why I had so much been excited by the deeds these characters were committing

I had begun deliberately watching movie in foreign languages Swedish.french ,spanish.'''so my mentors
would get confused

I inadvertently begin thinking

and a sharp pain pokes through my arm
EVAN isn't playing by the tone of his Impart
"don't go thinking that we're stupid ...or confused by your sudden interest in the French New Wave ..

I think to myself
like I practiced.
I force myself to remember /the exact sound of the rain
in the movie
 and the exact scene. That I made sure my mind's eye vision recorded
sight for sight word for word
and because the language was in a different language it made all the easier to
record and than project the exact
way the man and woman were communicating
every sound of spit between sentences every breath and pause...and in my mind I focused on every tiny pixel every color and every out line

I repeat the
over and over to Evan
3 seconds of every word ,every texture every
drop of rain

there is no Pre Neural Intention
or Cognitive Motivation
or Evoked potential for them to sort through

just the scene
the image
the words even the smells I imagines to go with the rain
and taste of the rain

A PAIN zips through me that is so intense I scream out loud

In front of my eyes not more than an inch away a pair of bright red eyes ..the pupils black

EVAN impart
"try it on some ELSE who might find your
shit amusing ...your buffer
I will make your life a hell
you so far can not imagine but let me give you a little glimpse
and suddenly the red eyes are everywhere blinking ...or studying me

the eyes disappear one by one
"this is about respect understand...not games...play your games with Talo..I am your Mentor it is my job to fix you to see if you're a Resolvable or an Unresolvable

the pulsations .the frequencies begin heightening parts of my mind that
control heart beats and respiration
my heart begins racing maybe to help the sense of choking
from the pulsations interfering with the neuron that
monitor breathing. I feel as if I cannot breath. Like I am choking
my sense of touch is overridden ...so I can only feel EVAN's sensations..
I feel heavy ness like arms over my arms like I am being pushed down pushed deep into the bed by "nothing ..."
but it isn't nothing.
it's more Real Than Real
it feels like someone is on top of me.i can see nothing is there but
the reappearance of the red eyes and next smiling lips
says "oh yes"

my mind something still  in it to scream
to think

"UNCLE .UNCLE....stop stop stop.."

the eyes disappear
the feeling of pain and pressure on my arms disappears.
slowly my breathing returns to normal

a Haunting Mind needs to be haunted
 into HEEL

from Heel comes
and Healing

so from now on
no more subtitled movies
no more trying to use MIND GAMES to dis -appropriate your senses
and thus mine...

I am teaching your mind to rewire itself ...
not all of this is as personal as it may seem
not usually

"sometimes "I graph.and it is true,,,sometimes I like what Evan teaches me and how he,"plays"

"Do I ever do this when you're thinking Good and right?"
"No,'i think back

"i can teach you how to think in a certain algorithm.,a certain style but first we have to scare the Wrong Way out of you sometimes....

I was prepared to think something to make him like me or something  but instead my mind let it slip,"I think I just want to serve my time the Old Way, in jail

"Fine Fine" Evan says appearing now in khakis and a light blue sweater in the corner of the room
"Evan (or this representation of Evan say"OK .OK this is too rough for you .I thought .just thought you might have  had it in you to try...but Ok back to prison, but don't think for one minute we will take the Merge out of you. Once you've volunteered for this program you're it.
For Life.

it would take me years -to know

even if I had Made all the Right Moves and done all the right things
I would have nonetheless be infected with Merge biotech

it was all I was born for..
nothing I could have done..
would have kept the Merge out of my bloodstream
as Merge was part of my
Blood line as Human Subject
as Husk..
which was indeed mine whether I wanted such a line to form me

The figure that represents EVAN disappears
in his place
though remain the red eyes.
like a Cheshire cat

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