Monday, April 7, 2014

the other "c" word

"The Brain Computer Interface  changed my life I had left Neuronautics ...and in doing so all that I had learned in through Neuornautics

...I was with Gary Rainy  at the beginning when we were teaching The Self Attainment to people out of a store front in Ventura County..

Neuronautics had become -unfashionable ..for a time

I got sucked into the pigeon hole campaign that the media had unleashed upon of both our founder and our cause

.I became self involved ,my work at Parasol Pictures became my sense of "Being"...I didn't have time for annexed classes but

just in time came the "apps"

 ...there's nothing at all odd about being "app-ed"

it's like a pacemaker,but for one's soul...

and just as that pacemaker must always be on

so must the interface which  the Insertive Biotechnology instigates

it's always on one does not "slip back" to Old Way thinking, old neural pathways


 People seek the services of transcranial stimulation for all matter of mood disorder.

why is so strange that I would not like my brainwaves .."My Thought Style"

overlaid with the exact correlates of Gary Rainy's "Brain Map"

Do you have any idea how difficult it was for Gary Rainy to do this,he had to sit for hours wearing a hairnet rereading re watching all he had said  and thought.

 He had to reach inside his heart  and revisit his moments of 'Communion" with a greater others might be able to feel the ecstasy of Beyondness

 People are still afraid of Google Glass ,a rather primitive version of BCI, a sort of 8 track tape player of Immersive Reality and A.I. to connect with Artificial Intelligence..

privacy this
privacy that
I don't know about you but aren't the thought that we want to keep so much to ourselves
the "bad thinking" that should be laid out on the table  for inspection AND Re-Direction

.The New Way goes a bit deeper

should I even dare utter the OTHER  "C"-word..can I say microprocessor or g-d forbid  bio Chip?

what's funny is that the embeds are not even really chips at all

they're nano particles  that one can swallow in a pill

no invasive surgery

 very few strong frequency can be garnered nor imparted  wearing a  headset that barely captures a conclusive neural "read"

it's a waste of man hours
a waste the consumer's time and money..all because
the other
"c" word.
is some how off limits concerning the use of the neural prosthetics in a  human brain..spare me

...and be honest.aesthetically

who wants to wear a cumbersome headset..

the Interface is like having a Father Confessor in one's head quite literally

If there was some Holy Grail

,some technology we don't know about

that had recorded Jesus's brainwaves

would people not seek this "program" out

 to have  over laid upon their own thinking style?..

would anyone be talking "Mind Manipulation than?

.People saw "eew"...yuck when they hear about insertive "chips'

but I say "eww ,yuck" when I see people walking around with those awful contraptions on their heads and eyes "-

Kathy K.--Neuronautics by Proxy

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