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(p < 10−42)the truth room

inside the TRUTHROOM

the mentor shows you a special box and opens it
and says
..that you can touch "one of Gary Rainy's Personal Effects" long as you just pick one you have to be  really selective what item you want to touch
....that you can feel ..with your own sense of touch ...the exact same thing that Gary was touching.

..I doubt though
that my sense of touch is or will ever be the same heightened sense of touch ,that Gary had

but still it's very cool .
.but really kinda frightening to touch something that you know Gary Rainy himself once touched

..I pick up a  small brass key chain and my mentor nods yes
it's OK
 ...and hold it in the palm of my hand with my palm open I can feel  it on the most sensitive part of my hand....the weight of it...and I try to imagine what Gary  felt  
than my coach says Ok that's all

and than a nurse  comes into the room
she says I have to take something
to not be overwhelmed
by what may or may not occur next

that not every one meets or communes with The Being

but in case I do I better be a little sedated.
Neuronautics does not believe in pills and sedation ...but
for some reason I guess because it's so serious they make an exception
but I don't know

my mentor says  though it's alright and get a shot

after you come out of the Truth Room.*

room they ask you to write real quickly without using your
Pendantic Mind.
what neuronautics and Inway to The Enway means to me.
especially after being in the room

.*The heart of the laboratory at ****, a Montreal, Canada, research facility created in 1943  was called the Grid Room. In the Grid Room, an involuntary subject would be strapped into a chair his head bristling with electrodes and transducers, the subdued subject’s brain waves would be beamed to a nearby reception room crammed with voice analyzers and radio receivers cobbled together by a laboratory In time research lead to a system that could also "beam back"the "subject' s transcribed thoughts. 1968*************************************

is very much like any religion that believes one is not just what they DO
which can be a lie...
but what thinks

I could go around smiling,being extra nice...saying please thank you..I love you...etc
and be thinking awful nasty things while I am smiling and saying nice things

criminal s do that
confidence men do that

I could even spend my entire life doing good things
working like homeless to the poor
sick people

and be thinking bad things
the whole time I am doing them..

like if I was helping a blind man Cross the street for instance
maybe the whole time I was helping him cross the street
I would be thinking
"man I hate blind people .Blind people are nothing but a burden to society...
they should be euthanized..
but still.

I helped him  cross the street..see what I mean
which means more...

what if I won the library and won a million dollars
and gave every cent to
deaf people
but in my mind I thought "Boy I hate deal people...They are nothing but a burden to society and should not be allowed to exist."
would it make me GOOD
to have sent the money to an orphanage

do you know what I mean

what if I got married
and was the sweetest husband in the world
and she went to her death bed thinking I loved her and cherished her?
and all the while
I hated being married to her and wish I had never met her?

would it have made it a GOOD marriage ..
for her maybe

in the after life she was able to KNOW

because we all believe in angels
and spirits right/
and what if her spirit decided or just happened to read my mind
like some scan that maybe dead people do while they're like leaving their body and doing that
"I could see my body as I was like floating on the ceiling heading to the white light..?

maybe this wife I was talking about
while she was heading toward the white light
says to whatever angles are like taking her to heaven
"can you wait just a moment ..I want to quickly enter my beloved husband's soul  and give him a big warm cuddle..

OK this wife a spirit
she floats into her husband's soul and body and brain
she like
knows all at once her husband hated being married to her
and maybe hated her too..
and just got married ...
because ...he had nothing better to do or something..


things aren't so simple anymore..
are they..
you can bet the wife wasn't so thrilled I can tell you that much

but at least she still got to the white light...

but the man.
or the guys who gives all their money to some charity THINKING it makes him good.or HIDES that he is bad..
where does he Go huh..

now ..that's what  neuronautics is about ..
it's why they

and why they MIGHT have to also
punish you with their mind Impart seeing and hearing stuff

if you won't believe it isn't real spirits
the real being
that Gary Rainy saw
and met
that told him
that a man must be changed from the inside out
that good ness was
thinking and thought and NOT EVEN good actions matter

Know why he explained in Inway to The Enway
once you leave this vessel we call the body
your emmitance
floats around for billions of years

and cant DO good things like send money to deal charities or walk blind people across the street
it just is..
it's just consciousness
flying around space and stuff
being what you or me is
at it's Essenes
white or black
no in the middle

and Gary Rainy and Neuronautics don't care if you were born that way

or if you have circumstances

or so called psychiatric problems either
he doesn't believe in any of it
and it doesn't matter

isn't the only religion that knows that thinking
is what matters
catholics do too
which is why they go to
confession and say that I had bad thoughts about such and such

know why they do that?
because they know they have to let someone know
that they're bad..
no that's not why
it's because THEY Know too that
that they're badness must be released by acknowledgement
 no...cause all the acknowledgement of your badness in the world mean nothing!
some people are born bad.
and they must have the badness released from their spirit
little by little by mentors.
like a balloon lets go of air little by little....

in the old days Gary rainy said in Inway to the Enway
that people used to hit themselves with whips and stuff
to let their badness scream out into the Enway
thus when they die
their spirit has by the time it gets to be just emmitance with no body to attach itself to
is not some huge cloud of badness
but a small cloud of badness
that the Inway can deal with
corrections are done here in our life time
while we are in these vessels
when you die
all of that blackness would be with you
when you become  just pure admittance



there was a nurse ,there, who delivered the shot..
 they said
that this shot was a special shot that had nothing to do with
but with what I might commune to the Entity

they said it was not a good idea to "speak with out speaking " to the Being without
something to
"shut down parts of my mind the Being
might be an Affrontive

they said they didn't think I' survive the room

they had heard I was telling people that
i was
doing the technological stuff. with my mentors
the neural reads and the
immersive reality A.I headsets
and calling the work we were doing with mind to mind
was not real
but brain computer interface
and they said
i had painted myself into a hole..

that it was sick
 to talk about things
that were privileged
that there was an unspoken agreement
that "we don't talk about "it" that way

and a lot of big companies had invested in
experimenting with The New Way
and that they expected a lot more discretion from me 
as it really didn't matter who  or what I was communing with so long as\\

so long as WHAT exactly
they were torturing  me with the whatever you call it
they said it was  about removing Ebematics

they said it was a type of hazing..

they said I was a ruiner.
a wicked little son a bitch who wanted to ruin it
that i was possibly an Unresolvable

and u knew what that meant

and had made a lot of people* very very very angry
with me
talking and writing about it
 even if Neuronautics
had  somehow gotten some equipment that encoded your thoughts and could speak to you with some technology


surely he and the  mentors would use the technology to help me..

to help me
be bettor
and not sick...

how else would they know if I was really good or bad or honest or a Ruiner

if they could not read my thoughts..

Brain-computer interfaces (BCIs) that detect event-related potentials (ERPs) rely on classification schemes that are vulnerable to latency jitter, a phenomenon known to occur with ERPs such as the P300 response
We developed a novel method, classifier-based latency estimation (CBLE), based on time-shifted data that predicted the brain activity of users  presented with a series of  associative based stimuli.

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