Thursday, April 3, 2014

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Proxy Cyber is a unique developer of Brain Computer Interface ,Immersive Reality and Artificial Intelligence programs for  Mind Augment companies interested in giving their clients a safe and pleasurable Direct Neural interface.Because our experience is and has been "on the job" and not behind the control board we at Proxy Cyber understand perhaps better than most Mind Augment Companies what a client wants and needs in terms of a fun, participatory Open Mind interaction.Proxy Cyber has  no outside interests to beckon to nor are we subsidized by any market research firms .Although we acknowledge Trancranial Stimulation for medical and psychological therapies we do not specialize in Brain Computer Interface for medical  services nor do we offer Mind Augment programming for prosthetic device .Proxy Cyber specializes in escapism and temporary temporal enhancement.Proxy Cyber offers an exciting consumer oriented view on Intraneural interaction in this new ,exciting field

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