Saturday, November 30, 2013

so far
in fact has this technology that a type of political union has congealed
that believes that
this science
that is  supposedly in disputable
it really IS that thorough
that a ":mentor": can study one's "moral code" by
overlapping one's thoughts with all variances of personality and social tests
so that thew Powers That Read
can not only decide who is "naughty'  or NICE
but who is
and who
according to their neural map or collected  Thought Style is bad

groups in fact believe
that most of society and voters will
also want
to know
right minded
and  who among us
according to Gary  Rainy's TruGenic scale
might be
or for the time being
at least placed under remote neural monitoring

I am a Neruronaut and proud of of it
and agree completely that
some people amongst us
deserve  in traneural monitoring
not only those deemed sociopaths or what Gary simply calls weirdos

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