Thursday, November 21, 2013

I AM NOT SURE WHERE HOMOSEXUALITY FALLS ON THE SCALE.i have thrown away my "literature"
for the last months
they've made it clear
I am not only fair game
but actual prey to them
they want formost to rip my face off
if throwing darts at it at the annex  isn't enough
they showed me this pic of the pic in my phone
they are serious
my face
(some time when i least expect it..I will be the victim in not only a homicide or assault witha weapon but something more
"sight specific"
repulsive and
stomach churning

one gets
what one emits...

how does one "prepare" for an assualt of this kind I wear a vikings helemt...

I writew of this
quite without feeling
I am petrified.

do not 'tell me" anything..
specific about "the point"
mainly tests...
but there is more.,

there is policy and a belief system to "what is good and right"
and what is wrong and sick"

politics in my limited understanding
policies based on
set in stone
"I know what is right..not only for me...but for you"
as far fetched as it seems
think about it....
dispensing bio sesors ,chips ..and macro processors
that attach themselves to one's mind
is a hell of way to ensure
one's ideas


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