Saturday, November 23, 2013


squelch skwelCH/ verb verb: squelch; 3rd person present: squelches; past tense: squelched; past participle: squelched; gerund or present participle: squelching

  1. 1. make a soft sucking sound such as that made by walking heavily through mud. "bedraggled guests squelched across the lawn to seek shelter"

informal forcefully silence or suppress. "property developers tried to squelch public protest"
noun noun: squelch; plural noun: squelches; noun: squelch circuit; plural noun: squelch circuits

  1. 1. a soft sucking sound made when pressure is applied to liquid or mud. "the squelch of their feet"
  2. 2. Electronics a circuit that suppresses the output of a radio receiver if the signal strength falls below a certain level.

Origin early 17th cent. (originally denoting a heavy crushing fall onto something soft) 1  .       self censored thinking
to attempt "a PG 13" ...mind to mind synthetic telepathizing with another
  if one were doing mind to mind communication for instance with one's mother must not think of sexually explicit imagery for instance there are other companies beside Proxy Cyber who have been workingon a synaptic pulsated simultaneous version of a filter,,,so "little accidents" like this do not occurthere are also other Mind Augmentation  Developers who specialize inprovokingsuch "twisted" thinking to deliberately throw a monkey wrench into direct neural interface to create ...or " a disturbing or even "criminal" neural data extract

The 1966 film "Seconds"demonstrates an "implanted" false memory tso that it might be used against the protagonist if he does not keep in step with "the company line"

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