Saturday, November 23, 2013

Parasol Pictures

Eva was born stylized

It was the style of the times or soon would be..

As in 2 decades ,as planned

She would be emulated

By the exact demographic that wanted everything she had

Her looks,her EMMIT-ANCE

EMMIT TING emoting

On the screen


In 2 decades

The screen was or will be just what was

SHE would emote

For a price

Directly to your nervous system,you could be


And you could appear like her..look like her.


The Singlarity

A single Shape of the New World and New Way

Based on two dozen or so people’s version of what

The New Reality

Will be

What made you
(ah the things we discover during our adventures in reverse  brain engineering..those of stolen
for progress
used like fodder
gypsies junkies whores)

 did you make yourself up

All by yourself
why u dress like that why you talk like that ..
where'd your influence come from Washington?
or Hollywood...
not you you're special

No wonder you’re so weird

No wonder people like you will be the first to go


Doesn’t care for those that stick out

Things that stick out must be pruned


She had no feelings

She was a sociopath

With a natural tendency already toward a sort of telepathy

Of speaking

Of saying

Of swaying

Without words

She became an actress

Because she reacted

And mirrored

Those who posses ed what she really wanted  


eventually inevitably


A man of the same stylized disposition

Would drawn to a similar type
magnetism ...yum

Parasol Pictures scouted for this type



They found it less expensive simply to

Create “this type”

This type was what Direct Neural Interface
don't think the studio system went away..
it just went

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