Thursday, November 21, 2013

PRISONER 2543...(conditional release program)

what do the voices sound like a shrink asks
I say
they sound like someone had been listening and deciding what precise pitch I might respond to precisely
as if someone
had collected for lack of better explanations
or textures of voices ..
that cause a type of startle reaction

for instance a male voice evokes  both my father and how bullies from my youth would speak
how both "Power" Pitches might stun me into submission..or deer in healight stillness.

a woman's voice would also weave itself into "the dialog" the voice seems based down to the decibel  and cadence of a crule babysitter who used to taunt and abuse you

it is sound yes
 but it piggback's upon
ambient sound ..
for instance if a fan is going
it adapts it's sound to the sound of the airconditioner

there is usually a "running " negotiated "delusion"
perhaps one week
I am found wanting concerning  my masculinity or lack their of

"what type of man for instance plucks his eyebrows.."

this act
for some reason
repulses them more than for instance defecation ..

they are with you always.
you must make all sorts of allowances for them..

you see I now have a unibrow..
just to get along ..not make waves

showering too
disgusts them
3 times a week for less than 3 minutes

also regarding  my "toilet"
we negotiated a diet
of easy to digest edibles
and east food to masticate,,or chew.
it disgusts them
my chewing..
it is one of the few times I cannot hear them

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