Friday, November 15, 2013

I took the orange pills
they prescribed

I take them to

"contain this"

the pills cause tardive dyskinesia
an often irreversible movement disorder.
also dystonia
an aching hurting stiffness of both the joints and muscles
including the muscles ,,and nerves of the face
mouth ..tongue

tardive dyskinesia is disfiguring

I had or have bouts with both Dystonia ...
and in the past have had tardive dyskesia from taking pills I had to take
of my fear

of Them

the voices the mentors the tests .....

I cannot keep I
really begins appearing as if one is daft..
as if one is touched
as if one is crazy

furthermore  when one such as I
that the situation is not organic but technological
I am placed even further down the
totem pole of sanity

this is ALL GOOD for The Mentors
but "not so much for me"
or the other
700,000 Thousand Target Individuals
some say the number is 3 million
and the human experimentation
is sanctions by absolutely all one might believe would be WTF...about it
"hey ....aren't we crossing a line...?"
the authorities one might expect to put up a road block to cybernetic s and A.I and Bio Sensory experiments on humans without consent
are in fact the ones
who support the testing as it will bring in much money for medicine ,surveillance,the prison system,education and the media

like Ive written
I am not unique...
and  more people ..sensible people believe this is true than I originally thought
after all we have pacemakers..that run on unseen frequency
deep brain stimulation for Parkinson's
we monitor our pets with RFD chips..
even Google glass uses a type of sound system that bypasses the ears

I am not a unique  targeted individual
that my mentors
made me so
they believe they have found a not only sick mind
but an evil mind...
my thoughts to them (my thoughts to myself previously) are not just abhorrent but
as my mentors are of a sect of Neuronautics
who believe that
one's interior thoughts
set off psychic and PSI "one thing leads to another"REACTIVES

my team
is a team
as I
am a type
that this particular team
seems drawn to

in the 1950's and 1960's
THEY were also testing thresholds of the human mind
LSD-25 know the jist
THEY would be drawn to other means
of "cracking" the code of Thought and Behavior

it took many years for the micro processor to become small and inexpensive enough to enter the
blood stream
and even more time for  scientists to couple
the waves and pulses
into recognizable language

and here I am
on a bed
having to take pills that will and do destroy my nervous system
"for the better good"Reading or Mind Augment Equipment

and the entire Research and Development my opinion should be halted

EVAN disagrees
he states
this were not
a viable option to
intracranial interpretation
a sicko like me
might have been allowed to
"go about"
un monitored.

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