Friday, November 15, 2013

Gary Rainy "This Is Neuronautics"( Tape 46 session7 ) 1971

I spent ONE YEAR watching .
nothing but watching TV studying IT from every angle
I know

TV in the right hands ...
in our hands
is one of our goals
the ruiners of the world..Ruin not only with their emanated thoughts but with their  projected mediaitions
I watched I watched
one year watching...
asking myself
what are THEY doing?

I realized
that TV
must be our first GOAL....

I learned a lot
just watching....

"ever notice how on TV everything is 
and that the actors are always moving forward..

never backward

they do this because there is a script to follow.imagine if we wrote the scripts?

TV  promotes Manipulated Living

and they call us separatists!

a family should be like that.

all families our family
one family

scripted living
is not unique
what after all are Scriptures
guidelines to "craft" a person to better-ness

group marriage
has implications
we have enough RUINERS watching our every move
how we raise OUR children
is our business
how we birth our children
Tape 59 1971 "composed child rearing"
a CONTROL GROUP childhood
enhanced by neuro linguistic cues
what I am looking at right now
something called a macro processor

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