Monday, November 18, 2013

The Big House -1979

for a time Gary Rainy and Valerie Prentice were a couple.
they were compatible because both preferred their own counsel and both
thought more about their own careers
than the usual propriety and niceties most relationships relied on

Gary and
Valerie separate rooms they had converted into offices

 in the Big House

,neither could afford.

the money came in
from various store front shops that acted as "confessional""hang out" joints..The Centers of Knowledge deliberately set up to seem "young,airy...welcoming to all no matter their social backround ..pillows were thrown on the floor coffee and soda..there was no hard sell going on ..just a sense of peace and promise..often a client  or newcomer would see and select their future Mentor at these :stop In" centers..
the Neuronautic's main requirement
for letting a client stay and begin  their studies  was
and trust

 a mentor's job was to lead the client up the TruGenic scale of normalcy and human enhancement by practicing the way o f Gary Rainy's teachings
the course were offered in packages.
the expense often flummoxed a new convert
but a good mentor convinced the client
that money was the least one should be concerned with Neuronautics was about Soul

the soul schools
paid for The Big House
where Valerie worked on getting a leg up on the technology that made it possible for a client 's 5 senses to be completed taken over by Gary Rainy's (and Parasol Pictures}new reality

Gary rainy who also saw the technology as a way of keeping his flock in the "spirit"
also spent much of his day translating various tapes and videos  and writings into a format that would literally go right into a member's nervous system and personal paradigm of How To Be

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