Wednesday, November 27, 2013

it seems Proxy Cyber did in fact
have a heart

concerning the nano tech.lodged in my mind..
foreseen small eloquent the technology would be
all the way back in the late 1950's..

it seems that Proxy Cyber had a heart after all
knowing that
they could not and would not
"app"  up a man or women( Oh do not think i am the only one literally bred to be used ...cued and imbued..with Someone else's Notion of was an off the map ,off the grid program...which began as a "what if" "why not"
and dare I say "never Again" defensive ..
as who Knew
what Others were up to

well now it is possible thanks to
Targeted Individuals .Human Experiments in design
to literally KNOW what one is UP to
..the style of the Times
demands it

some even say the "style of the times" was "dreampt up"
to "go " with
and other innovations
"a Better Safer  World"

i once believed
The experiment ..or my being "found" by The Group
began in the 1990's
I know now .
it was dreampt up before I was conceived...

now that I am threatened
in a much more
viscreal way
I can be more candid..
I can also see ..
they believe they were doing the "right " thing
The Style of the times after WW2
demanded ...offensive actions and guessing what Others might and would one day be capable of..

so for this  and sevral more posts I will leave "morning Dumbo" and EVAN behind and
get uncomfortably close to the "point"
i will inevitably swing this mess back to ...a thought disorder or drug induced psychosis
but as I said
The Threats
of being tortured in a quite "hands On" and not hands off way
give me more leeway
as If this comes to pass
let it be written
as it is and as it was

Stylized families.
Scripted Incidentals
to be used
BY the group Referentials

They demand ...or at least coddle the notion that ..I should
the system
and ...make changes ...
"go along" with the
'set up"
as I am .or have
pushed  THEM to their limit
and am now an example
missing,dead or alive of what happens
to those who
can't keep their mouth shut..
or correct their attitudes
to The program

they have told me ,in my case...would be a type of all encompassing form of
to an "ahead of it's time" project
that have have "played with" ...mocked ..
all but destroyed...
by my pathological lack of concern for This Amazing Venture
by still smoking cigarettes
and partaking in outlets of "fun " or relief that disgust them


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