Thursday, November 28, 2013

DO NOT MISINTERPRET the previous post as anything than my presenting an example
of my "sicko" ness
my mentors to teach me a lesson

I would never forget

1022 pine street
my own real live psycho tronic version of a nightmare on elm street

parasol pictures
had interests in the prospect of immersive reality
and quite a nu
number of computer companies
who were essentially doing research and development
on human subjects
Neuronautics ( the science ideology based collective in return for a some
screen time presenting the New Way philosophy
and values..
in some of it's films

parasol pictures and many other tv and film studios wanted the research and development yes
but wanted nothing whatso ever to do with
human testing..

Hollywood has a long tradition of "grey  area" police-ing  and certain laws did not apply to Stars .Or studio chiefs.
forced hospitalization

the industry was excited about Immersive Reality and  Artificial Intelligence as Entertainment
and could care less about the
techniques used by Neuronautics
to help CLEAR
the way
to television that WOULD  and could simply enter one's mind with out any screen whatsoever

virtual reality
only when it by passes one's 5 senses

although in it's early stages
by 1993
the macro chip was well on it's way to becoming the nano chip

the losers boozers homeless and lost
all but cAPTURED
with butterfly nets

drugged and coerced into

The New Way

parasol Pictures
had spotted me at shrafts.
or koontz hardware

even when  I was younger I didn't have either the looks or stillness
required to be an actor

 a hyped up nearly spastic inability to be
or comfortable in my own skin
or even "play" interested in following anyone's lines than my own speedy sppedy thoughts
either scripted or
for real
made my try in the industry
another joke
besides I didn't like people telling me what to do
either "play" or

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