Friday, November 29, 2013

MK Ultra in Blue Beam Lies

"i am supposed to be in the hospital

that's how it works

not to get better..
simply to have my nicotine monitored.

in a loony bin you smoke one an hour,,

the group never suggested let alone paid for
a cabin in the woods

these "A Cain in the Woods" Men
of Science..
only see
my life
as a warehouse

Jail cell
half way house

..the fact that i snuck away (my name was on no lease...)and for 7 years painted.
caught them off guard..

when my name appeared on the computer more and more
they put two and two together

..THIS is the guy we drugged
and tinkered with in 94 and 1995...
i assumed they came to the conclusion I had gone stark raving from all the neuroleptics etc they shot me up with

SOME how they ...knew just what would bring me back to LA
introduced me to a nice "fella"
"I really like your work...The Studio might like to see what ..or how an outsider artist might write ...a movie...come out to LA...i will find you an apartment..

....these guys know what they're doing

the men in black slacks
who will never be "caught" because off the grip means they don't exist

spooky .huh

November 29 2013

an entire new "packet " of memories has opened up as if my mind is an excavation site..This is Brain mapping ,,which begins in earnest of In the Grid 2014...

i reckon whAT THEY HAVE DONE TO US   PRIOR TO on the Grid

experiments will never be told..

trust me
we dont stick around long
we disappear...

the men in black slacks

disgruntled real men who previously had jobs
in "certain " agencies
some times wind up working
in bowling shirts and 5 day beards.
they nestle themselves in bug infested run down motels
and bug the room of the bug eyes junkies and drop outs who wind up there and EAT them ALIVE with
all manner of
Mind Augmenting "toys"
in the 60's these fun guys ..played with hallucinatory drugs..
now it's nano and bio sensored hairnets.

these are real men
who hate anyone not like themselves

they despise the most
but do not mind
getting deep inside them
mind reading equipment," He said

"I don't listen to that sorta jive,"I said,"I'm crazy enough,"Ask THEM"
"who ," he says
"Fuck if know "I say,,,,

it's astounding the type of people who think something is Going on

i am a Neuro naut
his is not
an experiemnt
this is the new world
being laid upon the current one
one simply Buys the
and can slip
back  and forthy Muralists

real angels real magic
 this political?
to take one safely back and forth

and to communicate
mind to mind
one must have a CLEAR mind
one can
hurt another
one could (purpose or intent do not matter) place things  in another
that will or could
the  other

supposedly I have done that
and this is why
I will Pay

this is why they want and will Kill me
there is no court to explain
what I have done to Tru Christie

he brought me back
hurt me
as I have hurt him
never mind I never asked to "play"

he has spread all sorts of lies and stories about me ...everybody knows his side of the story

he will make sure NO ONE EVER
KNOWS mine

Neuronautics I explain
doesn't Take in
ex this and that
because anything This and That is all Neuronautics wants to keep as far away from as possible..

certainly they might have used
men inslacks

but only to
glean ideas from
Gary Rainy was always aware that
this Type
once assiliated with THEM
usually return to THEM
afraid of the New Way's
fundamnetal refusal to be bought or sold or swayed


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