Wednesday, November 27, 2013

wild Psalms

the ...
like a mobius strip
it is a system that builds on itself..
(on yourself)
the A.I (artificial Intelligence ) does not make one smarter..
one day i suppose ..
when all the enemies are taken care of...

some company may decide to use the amazing breakthroughs
an enhanced self
on one self..
perhaps guided by Mentors with empathy and love of man.
as a way of
destroying or attempting to shatter one's self ..
or attempt to cause schism of self..

when Angels
and not simply ANGLES will
guide man kind to the inevitable merger of human and computer interaction

for now
as with most exciting breakthroughs
all the money and
creators are primarily only interested in using both A.I and Virtual Reality to "hands off"
personhood and personality

at the speed of light

instead of what it could be used for
and Guided Example of Sheer Love.

Ectasy or MDMA
type of enlightenment not by pill
but by bio sensor.. a domino ..when the system
                                                                 finds one fear humiliation
                                                                 it absorbs the memory
                                                                     like a love object
                                                                          it 's find
                                                    of one's particular  sense or sensory memory
   of being Unsafe.Unsound  is a Win .
a joy to The Machine
one specifically personal dreadful sensation
brings  more of the same
until one's mind is flooded
by shame .
not only of the specific bad memory and feeling
but the KNOWING that it's vivid
is being shared .
to THEM...
who only wish to view you at your very worst.
so that very worst of you,,
can be mirrored back to you
over and over again...

until your sense of worth of self
is stripped to
naked prey

.........................................................................childhood to me
was something only to grow out of.
to one day escape be big.

to be an adult is all an abused or neglected child dreams of,,
so that one can control
all that is harsh and hateful around them..
so one will not be hurt by those stronger
or bigger than you...

when one is abused
when one's childhood is made up of fear
.Fear of Others
One carries around that Face.
that "look" like a bright colored lunchbox to the only other place a child goes.
That Look ,that Presnese one does not yet have the means or know how to Hide the
It is written all over one's being.and becomes "an invitation: for further abuse
"kick me"
i am primed for it...
one is the opposite of a scarecrow.
one is
THERE to be pecked...hurt..

so there is no escape is no retreat
during early childhood
stifles one's nature...
an awkwardness of body and soul ...developes unaturally naturally...

inevitably and unknowingly .unwillingly
One's perceptions of PEOPLE
one's interpretation of THEM
is to fear them

and if
one discovers
if one is told


your childhood was crafted
so that one would be "adaptable"
moist clay

for Things to Come

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