Tuesday, November 19, 2013

what is the plot

I do not know

I have written
many uses for mind to mind  communications
and moreso about one party having the "dots" inside their body
and the other party
simply having access with processors that can be removed..as if it ..
psychotronics was just all in a days work..

the plot
is also that if the population is unaware of unseen undetectable "sway
many ideas ,emotions etc maybe introduced
the system is sophisticated
and can correspond and "pick up" on one's interior designs...including how one might talk to themselves..

the plot
a very small group of legislators or change makers are developing the checks and balances that ...judge and diagnose another's cerebral worth,,

also there are ideologies
whether they consciously thought so when creating the programs meant to burrow into layers of consciousness..about what way of thinking is right
and what type of thinking is wrong...or sick

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