Thursday, November 28, 2013

a Ruiner is born ONLY to Ruin

Gary Rainy


As do I

That A child Brings upon


That in fact it is the child

And not the parent who provokes  through his Emmi-tance

An AutoMatic Response


Specifically A Deviant Child

With Extreme Ruiner tendencies


Which is why Gary  Rainy

Demands that his Collective

Rear their children

A specific way

With absolutely no interference

From either the State or what he jokingly called “the Motherment”


“a Child riddled with scarred and contagious neural issues

Perhaps collected from years , decades and past forms of self

Only gets more degenerate

 and More Ruinerous,,with every incarnation

And can destroy an entire family unit

By emoting his ways

For a Ruiner is born ONLY to Ruin

ONLY to disrupt the magnetic pulse of good spirit and wholesome frequency


How sly

the child claiming verbal or physical abuse.

Another game this type plays

To augment the Enway


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