Thursday, November 21, 2013

Black Slacks

notice how the change in the blog drops artifice
it is because
the "mentors" have

you must know who they are
I still do not admit that it could be them

now I worry about
my will is notarized.

I know beings come back ...
I know
too much

they feel they will be free of all of it ..
only when I am dead
 a transfusion of
my sick interface

why don't they simply stop.?

why can't I live as before.

but I can't

I am not suicidal
I am doing well physically and financially
I see a dr ,a shrink twice a month
I have friends who care about me

the Voices
or what I write sometimes as EVAN or A.I or Human Experimentation
this has turned on me
but it might have had the same glitches
everything I think is wrong,,,,but nobody should be in another's mind..


I am a diagnosed schizophrenic
I wrote of my hallucinations a New Way as  a technology I have discovered is being created to essentially introduce my kind of Shattered thinking to the present an alternate reality or what they call virtual reality ,,that I have discovered can be done now with tiny bio sensors called nano particles that can enter a person's body /blood stream unknowingly..the creators seem proud of this specific fact...UNKNOWINGLY is good

and that's when the trouble began

how do you know
these THINGS

ans I said
"know what things'?i am simply insane

who got to you?thery asked

"no one ,"I said...not knowing what these serious men in black slacks were talking about..

stop it.they said..the writing ..
but I couldn't and wouldn't

I am crazy
crazy people write crazy things...
is my alibi

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