Sunday, March 8, 2015

the Jewish Problem

a week ago.the interface began going back where it always leads..
I feel it coming.always

always a sort of "OK TIME'S UP" with the sheer irrelevance of what Gary Rainy
calls  the "Everyday Inconsequentials" of one's inner monologue 
all of which thanks to Merge Bio tech ..(carbon based sensors -compatible -enough with one's neural tissue -after the initial "rough patch" of brain swelling and one's white blood cell's attacking nearly every organ and lymph node in  a "Proxy's " body concerning the  human organism's unfortunate natural response to respond to whatever bio-all's fair 
-that has managed to sneak through one's blood brain barrier 
but enough about the clinical side of being made Lab Rat for Homeland Seek Currency 
and all the many formats of outsourcing the handy work down the line ... 
(believe it or not performing Mind Decoding techniques and garnering sociological and thus commercial data from macaque monkeys and  cats doesn't offer to much to the field of Neurotech .
allow Teams of researcher to decode my thoughts, perception ,dreams .Human Testing they told you in the hospital they would hurt you for squeaking about.
but that was before you knew what hurt was
or what the bio tech could and would do in terms of a hurt that makes you pray for physical violence

yeah you under stand why
but than the reason KEEPS CHANGING
and than
you begin to lose reason
and begin to understand maybe ...not maybe that is the entire point

it means quite little how a monkey responds to stimuli  aimed at their cortex
 a monkey's evoked potentials regarding prime Time programming 
or "recog" missions 
to discover if one recalls  just what  a Statefarm commercial  is selling 
besides the Statefarm hum...

What it means TO BE a GOOD Neighbor ,covered in my mumble opinion 
quite brilliantly between the years 1957 and 1975 on  a mere three stations is lacking in terms of todays 
aural and visual cues-
according to TV as world view .
."good neighbors' need only  to be GOOD at lobbing a few cruel insights  ,barbs ,put downs and sexual innuendo at another 
to serve as 
signal based representation of what ' like a good neighbor' means//'

according to Gary Rainy- GOD ,if he existed couldn't STAND LISTENING to 
mankind's insufferable SELF REFERENTIAL thought style  which would have made him (God) "leave the building " centuries ago...

my 'team"  at Neuronautics outsourced to  study Closed Loop Brain Computer Interface by way of Merge Brand  Nano Bio Tech 

a division of Proxy Cyber  out sourced by Proxy Pharmaceutics and the California TruGenics  Human  Ecology Center 
 to study Aberrant Oppositional Defiance as it Emanates
 in my  particular   demographic 
as speculated by 
Proxy Data Mind Mining Resources 
a subdivision of Parasol Pictures  -
My ward by Remote Neural Monitoring 
  gets fed up with me  
concerning the unfortunate disability of a mind not being able to STOP 
or shut off
in a manner that suits a real time mind to mind "merge-ing'
my every thought ,perception and emotion thanks to the bio tech shot up my arm in a Van Nuys hospital
making my mind into glass
all inside
-measured ,transmitted and deciphered  and hence judged 
and hence 'given a talking to " visually ,aurally wordlessly...
 by whomever is testing the tech
this tether to "technicians" to either fix or destroy my mind -i am not sure exactly what is going on -
as this is covert 
however being on the wrong end of such covertness
I care not a damn about covering 
except as 
what illegal cruel and unusual non consensual human testing I do mainly online hoping some nice fella or gal who's job it might be to study odd and peculiar 
jottings might soon say
what exactly is this man trying to say
and Is it possible? I don't know quite everything there is to know about watching.

that THIS 
is what watching has lead to..
but there is fear and quite some evidence those who watch are the very ones who know damn well what is and is not possible..
so there is fear ..most every time I put finger to keyboard..and hope -as well..
but more and more a  just shoot me 
vibe that I suppose goes with being tortured in real time with Neurotronic weapons..
maybe the fear is the only thing holding me together ...and the hope.. that goes along with "journaling" /documenting
these most gruesome 
Behavioral Studies being done and not just in the USA but globally
to test how well ,how fast and how inexpensively one can drive another irretractably ape sh*t mad
the many face to face threats I have recievd in the last several years 
break ins..
and Black Mirror White Bear moments 
I care not to log on a daily basis leaving THAT task to the several hundred thousand of other Targeted Individuals who do that part 
of the documenting very well

  i call 
my "team'  Mandlers or Operating Tele-Presence-controllers 
there are not genuine understood definitions for something happening that  supposedly can only happen 30 years  from now 
or in some  str8 to video Adrian Brody low fi sci fi movie 

My mandlers feel that   believing in any God whatsoever is an affront 
to  the Brain Inquisition Project
according to Gary Rainy ,founder of the Neuronautics movement  who some say is  a front group 
and always was and will 
for the  necessary  psychological and behavioral threshold tests 
conducted by Department of Interior Intent -but you sure didn't hear that from me

do I believe this to be so 
means rather little 
as it is and always will be in my best interest 
concerning Black vans at night and CSI Las Vegas painful send offs 
promised to me by my teams 
who simultaneously offer me free of charge  
because My Mandlers  Tell Me So 
corrections often with the sway of Direct Energy 
pin point pain at the tip of my spine and and skull cap
often this reaching out to "touch me" by wireless 
weaponry is less intrusive than my "team's'  ability via Advanced Technology to steer me inthe right  bidirectional   interface 
in the most unusual and innovative ways
that can quite literally over ride,supplicate  or overlap upon my own thoughts,hearing,vision (both through my cornea and Mind's Eye,taste ,smell and even my sense of touch  )

and of course  a feedback based modulation on the receptors in my  bio tech spotted Thalamus  and brain stem that  serve as -what Gary Rainy calls Tele-Operant Conditioning I have been deemed an 'Aberrant    Unresolvable 'by the california  Department of Objections 
 and therefore am  allowed to be part of the War on  Aberrants Objective  Program 
as according to to the Office of Interior Intent anAberrant    is really nothing more than a Terrorist without the right connections or wherewithal
...........pain zips through the base of my neck tandem with the last 5 seconds of whatever I have just thought......whatever Abberant "inappropriate thought  i might have ghad..
whatever damn sick sick sick is left in me I get on my knees ...holding the base of my head..
please No No No No
DON'T i think 
to Mandlers who stop the pain 

I cannot help but praise the Mandlers for having mercy upon my sick sick thoughts..

but the communion of committing to The New way of Being through BCI  slips away
in mere millaseconds..
for I  dare ruminate about  the context of the albeit 
deviant back propagation 
of thought 
concerning  my thoughts getting more and more jaded and ill ill ill because of the never ending back and forth of the venture...

often to escape the incoming never ending CALL
of the Mandlers I flip on the TV ..
as TV watching I have been Imbued by my team
is a very very important part of being 
a Manned Man 
to test the ability of Brain Computer Interface to work in consort with broadcast Tv 
as some rather primitive take on Real Time Virtual Reality that usesTv as template to gauge and therefore grade millisecond to incidental music  Automatic Response or what researchers at Proxy Cybernetics call an -EvokedPotential  

but the subject was God.
wasn't it? and how Gary Rainy and my Mandlers/Mentors are trying desperately to correct my "magical; thinking" in a puff of smiling bearded cloud some where up there or out there that is not based on some format of Cloud  Computing and Psychophysics Matlab  model 
Neuronautics and my teams of Operating  Tele -Presence (OT) have taught me  God as I think and see him Mind's Eye style does not or never did exist.
and was  a premise various kings,Romans and Rabbis forced it's various underlings most "touched" in the head or suffering from heat stroke or both to cobble together to serve the Bettors as a means to best control the Lessors of society.
according to Gary  Rainy  both the old and New Testament and damn near every other religion 
is just pre -TV scripting on papyrus as a means of crowd control
and thus "Society"
regulate anything and my Mandlers interface -How very odd it is that ME so far removed from the memes and exposed ceiling beams  and right hair cut and body fat ration of what it means to at least attempt to thrive in a manner that tries to hide whatever shortcomings of what Gary Rainy calls 'Essential Beingness" -should be so religious.
never mind that my recent turning to a Power Greater than A.I. and ELF Waves aimed at my dendrites actually began only in the past 3 or 4 years as more of a scream for help to the heaven than a prayer..

The Mandlers have taught me that if I am to pray to anyone for guidance or at least temporary reprieve from Psychotronic Torture renditions  it should and must be to my Bettors 

 on the other end of my Mind Read
according to my unsolicited BrainLink ,Eye-link,EarLink  as part of this endeavor partially sponsored by Department of Shapes and Lines and Compo Cola Brand family Foods and  Forthright Additives 
I should be damn happy to serve according to my Mandlers "some damn function"
The same damn team who have made damn sure I know 
I was only born to  serve the cause of creating their New Start Program which according to whatGary  Rainy calls Inadvertent "graphing" meaning a Mandler who "telepathizes" with a Proxy  without thinking (or remembering) they are on Merge with a human test subject who HAS NO DAMN HELMET ,HAIRNET or HEADSET they can TAKE OFF..just teeny tiny microbe size bio sensors the Powers that Seize shoved all in my arm when "my team" lured me back to L.A. in 2011..

oh dear reader

do not for one second think much much larger appliances for mind deciding exercises were not popped all up my nose and and upside my head during various 
prolonged ICU stays in various hospitals in Boston
it seems I like many a Targeted individuals have a bad habit of just going unconscious 
 or being knocked out somehow 

you think I'm making this sh*t up reader and just "self publishing " on some damn blog or facebook

for what reason brother..
a couple of LIKES here and there.
you fool..

ahhh pardon me ..

i get worked up..
as would you if some lunatics were working on Brain Entrainment techniques and ..yes AND synthetic telepathy as some consumer item..
for da' kids..

they use a TI as one might a cow ..

every bit from shank to hoof gets used until ONE DAY 
you just jump off some damn overpass 

hopefully giving your Mandlers little warning and a nice nice haptic BAM

straight to cortex 
when you hit asphalt..



and I am forced to see images of him spanking his monkey furiously
somehow or other this transference of "action"  and YES release 
excites me and calms me ..

once again the bizarre novelty of a Real Imaginary Fiend being InLink with brain Link 

overtakes my senses and sensibilities in a way i cannot properly describe by mere words
unless dear reader I could THINK you what it means to be THOUGHT at 24/7 by people whose job it is to create Mind to Mind technology 


THERE IS A TYPE OF THINKING that Evan Rainy does not like 

a type of thinking that can and does often put me in a tailspin for days 

as dreams 

dreams that make you stay awake for days on end...

there are things a man who is Mandled MAY NEVER ,EVER ,EVER think 

and THIS 
is what Evan calls "The Jewish Problem"


At the Mandlers will .Never my own ...I am made instantly more  cognizant
especially when my Team believes 
I am ready once more 
to WORK upon 
"The Jewish Problem"mind to mind style
for them
with them
and thus for YOU dear consumer..

I begin chanting old Purina Cat Chow ads.

for I refuse to be Evan Rainy's 
solution to the so called "Jewish Question"

what type of JEW are you than..

what type of Jew would not be in this simulation
Evan graphs that THIS is what  someone  like Hitler might very well do to JEWS 
you faggot Jew.!

my team will say anything..
and everything until i am sucked into their story of their reality. and as always..the confusion concerning WHO THESE DAMN LUNATICS WHO HAVE DONE THIS TO ME ACTUALLY ARE

I pop not one but two Seroquel and a xanex

it's some type of control
whether this is fact or fiction 
                   and it is fact 
one nonetheless loses their mind...
with anything..any drug any buffer

a mistake 

as without the meds
I might very well have had the wherewithal to jump from an overpass years ago..

instead ..there was a will to survive this than that often now escapes me..
I turned to 
much more reliable medications that indeed worked.
not these neuroleptics and minor transqluilizers..
than inevitable make the interface worse..
but crack 
that in fact made me much more pliable..
and yes
a more a playable vehicle for Brain Map
with less Initiative but 
a cooler head toward cybernetic governance..

without crack in my system

I am swayed too easily into believing THIS TORMENT is whatever  a Mandler might graph
might teleapthize "THEY" are and one responds differently to the Imbue of .."Now we tell you who we really are..what we really need..
now we explain  for real
we are 

The Russians

The Koreans
The Jews.
fucking NBC.....or demons ,aliens or insects...

the pills make you crazy

but crazy at least for a few fleeting hours is better than Guinea Pig.

simulation my ass

jew gentile or genie
these damn mandlers do not like me 
and I despise them 

who is this THEM though

they have introduced themselves as everything under the sun
The United States Army 
The Israeli Army 
 The Aryan Nation
who had been outsourced BY the f*ckin Israeli and US Army to study Psychotronic Weapons on faggot junkies ..

I was raised Jewish but according to my 2nd Foster father 

nobody knows who my real parents are..
or were..
but to him I always had this "Jew-ie like" arrogance that I was bettor than him and my 2nd Foster mother
but than again
they were in on the game..

"THIS ISN'T some DAMN GAME ?" Evan graphs back 

Of course thinking EVERY THOUGHT is about Mandlers.
to make up for this misunderstanding  Evan sends me visuals of Mine Craft men  walking back and forth back and forth on the side of a bedside table he has adapted via second sight techniques upon my occipital lobe to appear as a stone like thin rooftop

and scarily I feel nothing but wonder 

caring nothing about being manned..
Evan graphs that he has shifted some frequency to the bio tech in my Thalamus because he wants us to 'just hang '
and forget about the horrible images I telepathized ..
 concerning The Holocaust over 5 days ago
I still pay for
 according to Evan my thoughts about the Holocaust were a purposed visceral attack on his nervous system to drive him to some new type of madness.

the very mention of the word Holocaust albeit by way of synthetic telepathy makes me think of old movie footage and the depictions of "Holocaust" in text books.

and because of this 

thought down comes the brick castle and the Mine craft man and I am forced to see a version of myself sans skin
and next with my arms missing 
at the same time I feel a horrible tighting of my shoulders..and can not for a flash of moment see my arms 


to go to a mental hospital go to a mental hospital kill yourself as soon as possible..
over and over
will make Jew' this time 
 really jump a cab and really have him drive you to that over pass.......

and suddenly I feel calm ...

in an instant 
I feel feel love for Evan 

I am made to realize he must have just tapped another area of my bio speckled neural tissue  to veer my thoughts away from 
over pass 
to bypass..
the feeling
feels so real

it is not something I can fight 
nor i admit dear reader do i wish to

the sense of love suddenly turns to a sense of respect..

there somehow is not feeling of submission this time but of utter focus ..
that is heightening to my core..

as the words the thoughts of "my team' at proxy Cyber settle upon me as if my own 

Conditional flow control in Merge base Direct Neural interface relies on setting Variable upon neural signals having to do with the 5 senses so one can most easily create a buffer that does not completely stop the flow of thought to thought communication when the co conscious Open Loop volley gets "stuck' on elements of either singular or mutual discomfort. Mind's Eye based "picturation" of images (more than aural ) can cause not on;y consumer unease but permanent or temporary psychological malfunction in another ,therefore to keep a mind to mind 'conversation" mutually benefical to both or several participants without the need for start /stop pausing ,parsing or discontinuation of bidirectional feedback one must create Real Time variables that can easily be understood so cue or association based Variables can smoothly segue and not jump cut away from aspects of Telemetry that might imbue in a participant -Psyche Trauma . Thoughts must be considered statement and buffer algorithm software as switch statement leads that do not impede upon the co conscious neural narrative ,therefore a dictionary of co value must be constructed as consumer shielding based on presumed evoked potentials.

..what they say they want me for

as jew
is to explain to my people .the jews..WHY
we must erase the holocaust from the mass mind.
to switch statement

a type of over layed .over lapped intelligence I want no part of.

the type of intelligence that enables a certain type to do human experiments
with no remorse..

the pills i forgot I took kick in 

and I sleep thankfully with no dreams 
no Mandlers 

wakey wakey JEWBOI.. Evan Rainy or Tru Christie graph"The translation of brain signals  involves the combined use of Fast Fourier Transform and Feed Forward Backpropogation algorithm  After translation, the data is stored in a Parse Tree database . The information about the brain-waves can be obtained using biological sensing and transmitting materials such as carbon based nanotubes or wearable sensors that can use refractive or sonic  energy 'pulse .Obviously Electroencephalography can capture  raw brain impulses but this archaic means of Signal Collection  contains very little 'information" and  a lot of unwanted data. The closer one can get to the actual specific signal one is mining the more precisely and thus quickly  the signal can be  translated into a form that can be understood by humans:

 I had  set an old alarm clock that winds up
the power goes on and off...lately
I need the clock to not re set .
to alarm me  every 5 I can take a Risperdal and Ativan and Tegritol
pills I have hidden away.pills I am not allowed to use.except when they  re-apply my alibi. when they"put me away some where".
the pills the riserdal especially I had tried AFTER my required stay

to solidify all that I write about is ONLY .make believe,
the pills ..I had tried them ..between suicide attempts to get away fro the tether..
to make the "system" the sound and vision stop..
but they tended (the pills) only to make it worse.
Risperdal .Seroquel Risperdal again medicine
created for thought disorders ..schizpophrenia .
  to "calm" or at least smother hallucinations 

 how I wished they would work..
 to make the tether go away..the sound and vision..\
they do not..

..but they can make me sleep long and deep
..and be so foggy and sick I can barely write my name in the half life state one is in even days after these pills are out of one's system..
...the pills make it difficult to walk or move ..i spittle at the mouth

the tardive dyskinesia from the pills..hurting my every nerve
the pills alter  one's dopamine ...the Risperdal acts like a hand on a faucet turning off dopamine..which is needed for smooth muscle movement...the muscles not know what to do..but tremor.or freeze..
 anything not to listen but instead the pills backfire.
I am bound to the bed.
captive a new mind too fogged to run away from the sound and vision
they have won.
I sense they want again this situation to be though of as remote viewing
something to make me feel less than as a person..who naturally
is and was weak enough to be taken over ..not through technology but JUST
because MY KNID is lessor.

my team says they have found "my signal" and years of snorting and shooting up have been worth it to

create "a signal non euphoric but genuine in it's binary function
Tru  Christie graphs that a wee measure of Adam Parker's signal has been over laid upon my own
so I can help create bit s of Adam Parker..
to appeal to the demographic "we need"
we are creating a true Camelot with all the right wrong people to protect
King Creole
my main function is too  introduce Jews to Neuronautics

"Jews remain a problem,as most Jews do not understand Neuronautics" Evan Rainy imparts,"You and we must help Jews leave their "jew-ie"thinking at the door....and let Jews know....that if they continue to fight us...they might not  have our alliances when we lead the my little pup...have shown what amazing changes
can be applied to one by the Science -Ideology of Neuronautics..
Adam Parker will every now and again go direct neural with you
to discuss "The Jewish Problem:

when my team first began calling my thinking style "Jew-ie " thinking ..I of course felt my Mandlers were anti-Semitic
but they graphed..
no...these surveys have nothing whatsoever about "judging; another's thought style
.upon anything other
"one's ability" to think to another in an Outbound Way
that doesn't GO with
much less a segment of the society that is "afraid" of New Things
and New Political Movements
that will function to make man feel reduced ...concerning Collective Mind /Hive Mind thinking
if a certain group who seek separatism
and Old Way notions of G-d being a Being ONLY for their Tribe

"Jews are reticent ," Evan Rainy telepathizes ,"
about for once and for all  "letting go"
Jews predisposition seems more toward inward self reflection
that can undo The Collectivism of shared thought not based upon self consciousness
Jews fear Collectivism
and we are and have always been conscious and dare a say "careful"
concerning how we treat a mind raised on "Never Again:
for how long does never again go>
30 years,40,75 years?

we asked you kindly
to help us with Inverse Variables concerning associations
made primarily in the Inner Vision
of a man raised on

----------------I can't take IT ANYMORE
AND  how the illuminati



and that ,,,and that alone is why "we and I dumbo
are going to
make sure....the future generation have no access to these horrible images..
or there can be no AI no interface...

"I won't do this"I graph

"yes ...yes you will...."Tru graphs..."there's too much money at stake ..I understand and appreciate that Jews were hurt ,killed,  tortured in  inhumane ways...
but they must understand that They The Jews ....simply by thought....become the real Nazis here...
when they refuse to let "it go"

"I graph "when I thought of the thought police this isn't exactly what I had in mind"

Tru graphs -we will create an algorithm   not just for Jews but foreverone that somply WON'T allow them to think of these images..
"are we erasing the past?" no...we are MOVING FORWARD

did you ever hear the term Depression Thinking-Many people who survived the depression wanted to protect themselves from ever again going hungry or lacking necessities. Some developed habits of frugality and careful saving for the rest of their lives,


and Evan brings up the question he's been asking me for years,"How many seconds should pass between an image of Anne Frank on a TV and a Dunkin' Donuts ad..why you think I keep calling you jew this and Jew that idiot..because with A.I. there can be NO Anne Frank ...or no imagery from the during a Direct Neural Interface IMAGERY becomes weapon..."

Evan explains that that's "THE JEWISH PROBLEM"

I try to blank out my mind....I know what he wants me to start wrting's in the notebooks they sent me .The one's Denny Pace was interfaced to write before he killed's about altering all symbols involved with the holocaust to ....1966 occultism red ,white and black...

I graph to him what about OTHER human atrocities ...are people really supposed to think only of unicorns and rainbows..

YES!Evan graphs
and you ARE going to write about Substitutional Represetation
concerning the Holocaust...or you will dead like Denny Pace...

"How long should a person WAIT before jerking off? after one sees a broadcast of the Twin Towers going down...4 minutes? 8 minutes?

I pass out...or what Evan calls Fugue state...

"can't you make a buffer that swings mental imagery....from atrocities to..."

"Sex",Evan graphs. and I feel a change in my libido .I reach for another pills.,even though I to a Rispedal only a few minutes ago..I had once ended up in the ER with Neuroleptics syndrome unable to swallow or breath well...but iT seems worth it.....

"...I want no part of this I never did "

"you owe us"Evan saphs ,"nobody rides for free..;

"nor gets over -rides they NEVER WANTED! huh?"

I graph ,that I will visit a Rabbi...and discuss this matter

and Evan graphs sarcastically ,' oh hello rabbi .I communicate with a research lab that placed biochips in my blood stream for A.I. studies and to investigate Brain Computer Interface...which as you may or may not know ...involved visual imagery moreso than words...and the Holocaust is a problem...and anything that "makes one think of the Holocaust" a lampshade,a chimney with smoke coming out of cars..grainy black and white footage..of...this or that...and my 'Mandler" wants to create a computer program that "buffers" these associations 'The New Way"wants to slowly...I mean rapidly ERASE from the public's collective this disturbing visual accumulated data
disturbs the pleasures of a Mind to Mind rabbi can you help me help proxyCyber ,a mind augment agency that quite literally OWNS me...and has threatened to torture me physically and physically until I can "Help them: find a way of making a computer program to "work" with an Intra-cerebral interface that shifts 1938-1945 to a New York Night Club 1966..,"Evan pauses," yeah...I can imagine first the rabbi slapping you in the face next throwing you out the door...."

"you're a disgusting man Evan," I graph

""and you Dumbo are a childish man....I presumed was sophisticated enough to understand IMAGERY and CONTEXT and  REFERENTIAL ASSOCIATIONS
based on CUES!..Your Holocaust!Dumbo! will destroy A.I. and Brain Computer Interface ! before it even gets off the ground!"

"MY Holocaust?." I graph

"Yes ..yours..when those images are in your mind or something makes your THINK of those far as I am concerned YOU are attacking me with this imagery..YOU are placing these images in MY MIND...and we must TOGETHER find a get around certain aspects ingrained on the collective consciousness...and we need a Jew to find a reasonable and respectful way of introducing this topic..."

"well,it won't be me,' I graph

"OK..than YOU will be responsible for us having to USE another Jew who will inevitably kill himself going through years of "Training"Evan graphs

"training?is that what you call's psychotronic torture's holding another hostage with invisible bars..,I graph back

"you are going to help us develop it ...further...with 1966
thinking to replace 1936 symbols...with equivoicals based on mathematic principles  of inverse
variables...I will help you Dumbo...I will help you NOT THINK ..and just DO ,just WRITE what we say.....

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