Wednesday, March 11, 2015

after the fall/before the paradise

the best way to "have someone" is to have "something"on " someone,"Evan Rainy said to the men and women who had responded to the ad he had placed on Craig's List
the ad was not specific.
indicating that Proxycybernetic's was doing Sociological testing for various Marketing Companies
concerning brand loyalty.
the Craig's List ad
the want ad
did not mention that the brand loyalty
meant Proxycyber ,a Neuro Engineering and Neural Signal Decoding firm
would be testing on unsolicited citizens "doped" with Merge Carbon Nano Tubes
some in the consultation room
used every 4 or 5 weeks to recruit new Testers
job it would be to slip into a prospective find's drink,shampoo,air ducts etc
providing of course the prospective job seekers' psychological profiles
exceeding the required minimum scores concerning both their Psycho and Socio-Pathologies..
Proxycyber was bought out by a Private Security Specialty House
about 7 years ago
when certain laws changed ,laws that concluded that any company or laboratory
doing any kind of "Brain Map" work
was under obligation to share their findings with sectors non privatized but specialized in surveillance
and the protection of civil domain.
The various lawsuits the initial investors and researchers brought against the "civil domain"
quietly went away
No settlements settled...
a few dollars thrown at the few involved in the initial start
cease and desist with their unpatriotic stipulations that Brain Signal Transcription and the subsequent Synthesized Signal that could be interfaced
back upon one whose mind has been charted
should be learned nor perfected by any lab not connected with Nationalist Needs.
A rather secretive Self Help based "movement /Church" was asked to lend their
to the now remodeled Office Park in Riverside County.
in return for some political favors
--just maybe ---down the line
It was no secret
the Science-Ideologically based Neuronautics Group
wanted "one of their own"
in the White House by 2024

(2) testing of Psychotronic Weapons
an understanding of the psychology of mind
often these tests are based on psychotherapy
in reverse
one needs to understand how one "gets" a nervous breakdown
before one can
learn how to instigate one
there is a lot of information about the Human Experiments done on prisoners at POW camps and concentration camps in the 1930's and 1940's
but less documentation of the psychological human experiments done to prisoners to "drive the prisoners insane"for instance with mescaline (The mescaline tests done at Dachau are still only partially declassified)
many of those responsible for practicing and achieving "applied insanity" on another
were "acquired" by the USA after WW2 ,their records ,names, identities" bleached", because so many new papers ,new identification, certificates had to be made to "quietly allow Nazi Scientist's to reinvent themselves as US citizens
so they could continue their important scientific 'work" the recruitment of these scientists is often referred to as Project Paperclip
much like the Office of Strategic Services became the C.I.A.
many of the sciences the Nazi's were encouraged to "try out" on Human Subjects
were also renamed ,to sound less nefarious...
Human Testing became "The Humanity Project" than MK ULTRA
when documents were released ..concerning human testing with LSD -25 ...on unknowing 'subjects" many children
the public was outraged and alarmed...
but most of all fooled into thinking because "the agency" got caught" in the act...a few griping tomes and outspoken "liberals"
would "turn the tide" and 'close down "
"The Shop"....
Many who worked on Human testing with hallucinogenic claim that by 1974 most ,if not all new work done to alter another's intellect, emotions, cognitions
was not being done with drugs but with radio frequency that was much more effective in augmentation of another's psyche than "the random effects" of LSD
Neuronautics made no claims it's "function" was NOT about spreading "the word"
.In the 1960's and early 1970's there was a surge in the amount of psychological self-help and "human potential groups"forming and prospering
.Many of these groups catered to the affluent .
When one thinks of a cult one thinks ,even,to this day, of young 'long hairs " in saffron robes,not of men and women in 3 piece suits
.Most of the "movement/ religion/ organizations created to 'self actualize " another with "programming" wanted nothing to do with "lost young men and women"seeking salvation-,in fact most leaders of "new movements " catered ONLY to the wealthy and famous.
As the times changed ,the names of these groups changed as well- The Forum, Insight, Actualizations, Silva Mind Control, and Lifespring.
In the 1980's many of these "human potential groups ' altered their mission and programs to a "quick fix" mode of 'self start" motivational aims many companies wanted to impress upon their employee and began to attract corporate contracts and also the influence and clout many of these corporations had by affinity.
Although we do not often think of computer programming as "New Age' many in the field of computing seeing the inevitable progression of "man and machine" becoming compatible were concerned about what type of programming would or should be used to "program a human to "be " multi functionally "hive minded " in this regard.
Professor Rhombi, a critic of the Neuronautics and it's alleged "strangebedfellows" involved in the leasing this group in particular Advanced Technologies(biotech,biochips) says Neuronautics and Advanced Technologies should never be allowed to be spoken of in the same sentence ..Rhombi goes on say ," that there was a briefy momet in German history between Hindenburg and Hitler when a very than nameless political mass began re-creating itself .The word National Socialism ,at the time did not sound ominous. Rhombi claims Neuronautics , w asin fact was intentionally dreamt up and packaged as a silly cult,a front for those interested in studying Mind Auditing...Rhombi asks ""who else but Neuronautics and "cults such as the Cabal ..have perfected the means of interrogation...and have established themselves as their own "Kingdom" ...when you have 300,000 men and women practiced in 'the art" of Mind have not a cult but a political movement... Neuronautic's home base is right in the heart of Los Angeles ,this group is known to have perfected intimidation techniques that would be seen as enviable to the Stasi ,No group besides those with three letter names is better "gangstalking or "mobbing" on it's member's who decide to leave or become whistleblowers.. ..Don't forget how many billions of dollars Neuronautics has..and how the past actors have been groomed to "take their performance mainstream"
Hare Krishna in a black tie and chinos they are not..But Eugenic based in it's creed Beware of wolves appearing in sheep's clothing (and of "cult leaders" purposely presenting themselves as buffoons )..
The intentions of Neuronautics and a host of other "new Age' collectives(many defunct)was to offer the client an alternative to their inherited religion they might ..choose their own belief system,yet soon a new member realizes "the movement /the church "is all about introducing new doctrine often stricter than the doctrine the ..."client" wanted " an alternative to
Gary Rainy,founder of Neuronautics believed that mankind could be taught to think in a certain way that opened their minds to what he referred to as "The Entities"and that he was chosen to help foster in the "new way"by way of teaching others to Thought Styles of altered consciousness" .and "hive mind" collectivism
Gary Rainy believed that one's thoughts ...vocalized or not could be measures
categorized and resolved
yet he also said that ';some amongst us" were Unresolvable
and those who could not alter their patterns of thought
also had a tendency to try to recruit others to their Unresolvable form of "being"

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