Sunday, March 1, 2015

for what it's worth


Sunday, May 5, 2013

Evan Rainy told me that if i want
i might go to the next level of consciousness
i must know The Truth
and most of all

must stop callin gthe things in my body  apps or nano particles

and if i keep telling every one around town about what happened in califronia with the strange people who "took me under their wing"
I will be in big trouble with forces
beyond my comprehension

these things they put in me nobody wants to here about
and i had better shut up

where  i came  up with this notion of Nano particles is beyond him

I graphed that some guy told  me in LA,and lots of people told me..
i graphed i had to look it up online..

and than i came across all this stuff ..about direct neural inter face and all the universities testing it on non person type..and people in prisons

it's misinformation evan said

 and if you keep talking about nano
or nano particles
or human experiments

i can get locked up
or worse..

what's inside of you is Raindrops
and to have raindrops inside you
is a gift

Evan  Graphs says Gary Rainy was known to have special way of thinking that allowed him to
cross into otherrealities
 at a  drop of a hat ,while sittin in an easy chair
 Gary Rainy  could travel through time and space

on one of his many journeys
out side his physical shell
he found himself transplanted to a civilization somewhat like our own
 trillions of light years away on a different astral plane
a leader of this planet gave Gary Rainy  a telepathic graph the leader of this advanced planet
the secret of How To Be

he also gave Gary rainy
a small wooden box containing  what the ruler called"Raindrops"

the ruler said these little teeny tiny inserts
could enter another's blood stream
and could save the world and that gary rainy could share the supreme knowledge of how to be and act
with the tiny inserts
The Raindrops ,
that allow you to see and hear things nobody else can
and  also engage telepathically with entities from another world

 you are not some human experiment Dumbo
but  in genuine communion with forces beyond man's comprehension
and these entities you are messing with are getting very angry that you are sharing sacred knowledge of other worlds dumbo

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