Tuesday, March 3, 2015


sorry bout 'the over -ride Tru graphs...just wanted to "do a bit of tinkering with you to help ruin what's left of your art career..and move us further from some of the "tinkering" you're trying to do by typing things you have no right typing.

I graph something or other about free speech
only to hear some 'grandpappy" type jaborwonky...about everything having a price...
that nothing is free...
and half the time ...whatever little speeches or inside "the little voice in your head" ain't even yours..
half the time to be honest I turn on the blog..
and there are entries just sitting there...
I am not allowed to take these ones down
or I there's hell to pay..
I know we have to get back to this...
"it came from outter space stuff"....as some notebooks were sent to me....with some shit about
some ....
huge happening that will occur in the next few years concerning the alien shit.
and some real cool movie that will introduce the topic in a way never before done
.....OOOO no I think some "found footage " shit?
people hate that stuff now...
Tru graphs....."no kidding"....
so it'll be Keanu reeves
and Tru graphs probably Jeremy Renner..
I graph has Jeremey been "app-ed" up
and Tru says
most of Hollywood is lit...up ...already but it's not something one graphs about...
I think about fucking someone as Jeremy Renner.
and think Keanu Reeves is a beautiful specimen but not for some reason very "sexual" in his..
not in the way Renner is..
tru graphs that "honestly Dumbo...nobody really cares about thoughts concerning actors..."
really now...
you fuckin' lier..than why do you force me to watch certain tv shows....so I can be some Phineas Gage
for you monsters...?
and Tru says I know why....
to see if CUES can be sent to those born to be CUED can be done via TV
Tv as evoked potential
got me put in the slammer in LA...
Hollywood Referential
made sure "me ,the monster,Ruiner" would not return to Los Angeles...
which of course has made me ...HAVE to go back to LA..
if only to be drugged again MK ULTRA..style
cuz some of those drugs....were beyond....mushrooms ,acid,DMT combined
since they're gonna kill me anyway....may as well be killed under a wild palm...
I hate those lunatics in LA more than I can possibly
explain in mere words
and trust me the feeling is mutual.
since Hollywood became industry
it's been riddled like a wanna be san Fernando  pornstar on Merge
with Black Slacks
setting  up folks who wanna be actors
the studio system you might think was disbanded...just went "techno"
back in the eraly 60's with Frey effect based "little voice in my head"
some actors say they can ONLY act when that voice is ON
jonny depp....for instance..
for some reason ...he talks and writes about it..
thinks it's VALIS or something..
not really the smartest guy in a ZOOM..
or maybe he's one of the few who out smartest them all...
jonny depp unlike kneanu reeves does have sex appeal
even though he's old.-

"Teams"set themselves UP in places runaways go...
kids with stars in their eyes don't runawy to St.Paul or Syracuse
go "Collector" there and suck some nice 18 year old gal...into "I can make you a star"
what used to be the casting couch is now the "app-ing " couch..

-is that enuf I graph to Tru who wants me to add yet another
dime to the shootbox-

'yeah.I think we're getting closer Dumbo...
to six ways to Solomon grundy here..

whatever it takes I graph
to meet a maker..
not made of scalar

"you think THIS MAKER is gonna be nicer to you than we are...?"Tru graphs
and I'm like OOOOOh no
they're gonna try that
"meet your maker shit" straight outta those tiny comic books
the jahova witness's use

you mean Tru graphs
the comic book "Inway to the Enways"
the comic book that IS "Inway to the Enways"
whatever you say bossman.I graph back


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