Wednesday, March 4, 2015

central casting/hollywood 94'

so this operating tele presence walks into your mind and says 'hey fella"you have anything you want to tell me?
 the human subject thinks no..
.but the OT doesn't leave ,,
,he says you need to be auditied...for your country...
so you say ,,,in my country we don't do that kinda' thing
and the OT says...'The Future is Ours"
so you think to him who gave it to you.?..
They did, the OT says return for doing these studies  upon a  "A Few Wood Men."
 I think hey, I ain;t no woodman.
..and the OT says than why were you brought up Woodhouse style.
..I say cuz' some Black Slacks type knocked my mom up...and  I say you ,made a mistake just cuz' i was brought up Woodhouse style don't make me your caught butterfly...monarch or otherwise.
..the OT says kinda' does 
 and I say no man I ain't no woodman..
.and the OT says fine than you;ll be our Wickerman ,,

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