Wednesday, March 11, 2015

the future is ours..(cont)

Dear ***I certainly found out more about the "org" that I suspected..
 first that .
 it doesn't exist all...except as a shell
 to be of use.
 a COOLchange
 was needed.
 it's a church nobody really belongs
 the entire
 group is about those with in the org.
 certain agencies wanted to have a front
 to do "psycho ops' in house rather than running off to Canada..
 they found a charismatic..\
 to help set up a para military
 version of 50,000 men
 quite similar to the 1933
 50 thousand ...
 certain "progressives" wanted to do away with "new Deal' helping the "less thans
 think about it...if
 a charismatic set up a church that raised their children in a 'different manner
 the 'org' would have been 'and now we know how many holes it takes to fill the albert hall"\
 a long time ago
 yet the usa(which used this test all means of brainwashing ETC)
 from some I spoke to Charles Manson ..and his "tribe" were financed by the same 3 letter agencies
 who pride themselves on being "patriotic  enough" not to care about collateral damage...\
 Cole VCohen

things.and the ideas behind certain  things don't just disappear
you don't go changing a word ....and making the idea of the "N' word---disappear from another's mind
throughout time have been attempted to be .weakened ,abolished...destroyed. for FORCING one's notion of Right and Wrong .Good and Bad into a collective "heart" and "head"
Christianity,for instance went through a period in time concerning the Spanish Inquisition
many would like to forget.
Germany also went through a period of time
they would like to forget.
but where did the notion for an Ideal Race go?
full speed ahead.....and with A Perfect World..a PURE world goes the notion of "weeding out " the IMPURE
the fact that Mind Reading Tech is Here...(don't kid yourself it's 20 years away OR in research and's developed and ready to go)
we speak of the singularity
not as the PURE -a rality
of the race - transhumanism is a word that sounds GOOD
in the right hANDS

I try to think of weirdo..they find me sick.sicko
I try to conjure up what image comes with "sicko" (the word,like pinko..)not used like it was
 I think the word -sicko .
and all I see in my mind's eye..
is a peeping Tom in a  park with a trench coat

maybe to them my mind is
 man in park.---me ---naked under the  trench coat
 the coat is
.that which was
 my mind.
thing is...suicide based upon  me being such an Unresolvable "entity" that
 my self exit
had to serve as
example to the entities
and that before the quickness of suicide I HAD be HURT ,,badly..tortured
so the entities would  never dare coming back to this planet

Love Cole...

P.S. I am so sorry about all I put you especially and the family through. I was warned to never talk about it...but I could talk of nothing else...I was told to "mask it"..I began using again...only after...only stimulants and I could be discredited...
so there "would be a reason'
it was never the reason
so sorry about all that wasted Money in those rehabs..
I couldn't pull off the "thought disorder" back -up
as I told the shrink the SEEING and VOICES sometimes "worked" together...not realizing ...
schizophrenics or psychotics never see and hear at the same time
I did however "do" the secondary symptoms of schizophrenia much of what I am scared of ...sounds delusional..
but my fears are real..
if I don't take my own life they WILl..
in ways I was literally FORCED to imagine..
to "haunt and  feed off whatever being these Emanations searched out .to leave their emanations all
over  the entity's

the ideas were first  introduced to me
made a lot  sense

even "on this day
ready to make my suicide  a proclamation rather than ideation
  I referred  my "bible'-"Inway to the Enways"
the chapter about "Dealing with Unresolvables"
and how torture is done with both Neurotronics and HAND'S ON
to convince the eminations that have latched upon a Ruiner
to never return to earth
in this way the book states ..seppuku for Neuronautics

is a very honorable act.very unselfish..

Gary wrote how the entities came from light years away...and had lived for billions of years
...and how
they used the earth
like the English used Australia

the tribe billions of light-years from here...too afr to see with a primitive tele scope or radar or primitive satellite

ever now and again rounds up their worst ...
to send away
because Eminations can read minds of all it's citzens
no body in any tribunal can

defend a Ruiner
it's all there...


I want------
 every neural read collected
played back
in court of law.when the law catches up with the times  and crimes

that is what  my note is for
but also because the SOUND which defies description 24/7
find me.
this is exposed....

thing is...suicide based upon the ideas and ways I was introduced to meant less and less to me
so "whatever will be'....."
will be- no seppuku
but murder

Because I was raised 2 nd Generation Neuronautics.
I had no other  religion to turn to...
we weren't allowed to "fraternize" with outsiders
who might "pollute us"
the box allowed light to shine through ...and under the blanket rolled to make it  a pillow
was "Inway to Enways"
I turned to the chapter written by Gary Rainy concerning physical hardship,physical strain was done FOR a Ruiner
not TO a RUINER...and that although some of the 'hazing" done by other remembers was really what Rainy referred to as a Love Bomb
to convince the eminations that have latched upon a Ruiner
to never return to earth

I remind my self one must belief in the philosophy the science -ideology ..of Neuronautics..
to believe one eminates "evil" into the atmosphere...
"apps" or no "apps" eroding  these signals makes no difference
one is born to emanate a certain way...if he or she is lucky he or she will joined Neuronautics..and be taught how to Emanate in a Pure.Sound manner that enhances their presence in the electromagnetic forces  which might not bee seen
but are naturally sensed by others
they have tried to convince me my emanations are 'sick"
I do not know if THIS is what me
re-examine the Movement,the books Gary Rainy wrote and the "cruel to be kind" tactics
once just performed
privately in an annex
with a trained Mentor
and now
publicly with Brain Computer Interface

my self extermination will not be "to Clear the Enways"
but to escape
the interface
my death will be not be seppuku nor suicide but murder

                    Love Daniel

once upon a time
there was a machine
a little handheld remote
attacked to a machine

nobody knew who invented it
or cared how the remote worked..

all they cared about was what this device did

the little phone shaped ebony remote  controlled

could make  any person  the  person wielding the handheld aimed it at
do the twist
do the monkey
do the pony
and could even dance the mashed potato
on demand

the toy
was made to send signal that mimicked the dance step and all..
right to the section of the brain
that ,,faced the music and danced

the problem was if you kept the dance going for more than one nanosecond
the music box dancer would development an irreversible movement disorder.
called Parkinson's disease

one in every 8,.0000 cases
and the "thing " came with all sorts of instructions
so it wasn't as if the "app"
didn't come with a warning

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