Monday, March 2, 2015

blame it on the rain/six ways to sunday

Once one realizes the subject is “Unresolvable”end game programs must be introduced upon a subject. The Mrs. Danvers bot , created to slowly induce both depression and or disassociation in the subject may now be used .But the Danver's bot  may not be appropriate for subjects who document their ”case”in public forums as the Danvers bot “reads” as  Danvers Method. So one must first  use the “WoodwardBerstein" bot to bombard the organism and  to trick the organism into believing that the previous "static system "of push/pull psychic driving was used only as a bridge to test the subject's self autonomy and now that the subject has demonstrated self will and self preservation in spite of guidance to lose their ego insinuate that the subject's inability to segue into the whole being greater than the parts is not a failure on the subject's part to dispense with selfish concerns but a victory in vitality of the subject's desire to only concern themselves with their own selfness .By all means shower the human organism with the self praise and self appraisal they need and alert the specimen much of the effort one has exerted to help the subject see beyond their own limited point of view was not the point of the exercise but rather a means of   preventing  unintentional operations concerning attempts to foster in the subject new neural pathways away from selfish desires and self aggrandizement  toward greater affinities that by now a Mentor must realize were in vain. Convince the subject the hard work one has spent trying to correct the subject's thought style was a ruse to examine the nature of autonomy and not group harmony when introducing the subject to less rigid method of “mentorship "NOT because he or she's TEAM has all but given up on the subject's case but because they have won something by their willfulness and cunning by rejecting any and all imbue that might have caused them to  progress away from ego and into a lack thereof .This alternate method of interface  implies that the subject is now “up to speed”  with the Intelligence System. Once the WoodwardBernstein bot is introduced, the Tele-Operator may now take advantage of the subject’s new sense that he or she is an asset .The subject will feel he or she has won  new trust and respect  from he or she’s A.I. /Tele-Presence "Team" .This new belief convinces the subject that their ideas  have worth “to the project” aside from simply providing "Neural Data " and this puffed up sense of new worth will make it easy for a mentor to radicalized the organism .To do this one must  provoke the subject to take risks concerning documentation pertaining  to certain topics that previously the Operating Tele-Presence  'begged the subject" to stay clear of  to ensure the subject’s safety concerning “trouble with 'The Man'.i.e government etc.
A Tele-Operator should  imply that there are various corporations behind “The Man”. The subject's mentor should focus the subject's attenuation and curiosity concerning their situation and "rage" at being made a test subject   to known "groups" and private security firms "whose job it is to protect their ‘brand’ by any means necessary to enrage the subject…in this way, “IF” something indeed “happens “to the subject and an investigator of some kind happens to  read  the subject’s jottings .This investigator would “not know where to begin, as in advance a " scattershot “blame”/ retaliation . has been created by the subject himself  .This  style of documentation can only be created  ,if a Tele-Operator can convince the subject that indeed his or she's ‘ordeal’ is worth “life and limb” to convey .The WoodwardBerstein bot makes sure the subject is give a ‘six ways to Sunday” smorgasbord of “who’s to blame? "As the  WoodwardBerstein  program  was specifically designed “work with” the subject’s concern  for “full discloser” .The sheer amount of industries involved in the Mind Augment Field  cause the subject to “go” both toward and away “ from --the quote ,unquote -usual suspects. A Tele-Operator  must introducing into the mind of a subject that the intent of the A.I. "gifted" upon the them was to expose the horrors of Human Testing as we are now satisfied the true endeavor to pull the subject away from ego toward group affinity and community is beyond their Attenuations and Emanations .Introduce the  subject to sites concerning genuine companies in the Mind Augment and Biomedical Fields (obviously not your own). Encourage the subject  to make he or she's " SOS" more realistic. Convince the subject he or she  must follow the money trail” so he or she begins to write  about corporations known to be involved in A.I. and BCI research,(perhaps a rival in in the biotech/mind assuage industry  as two"kill 2 birds at with one "drone",).One should also focus on baiting the subject ‘s notions of “transparency’ concerning A.I. ,Virtual Reality ,Transhumanism  to certain agencies ,private contractors and of course militaristic "change agents" who have a history of taking care of those  who might insinuates"any wrongs are being perpetrated "..

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