Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Psychologists who have studied the process of one being in an  "altered state,"..caused by meditation, drugs or Advanced Technologies( silent sound ,alteration of brain signal via directed energy)  claim that "this trancelike ,hypnotic state   is a state of mind most useful for  implant new ideas and altering  another's  thinking processes.
Very few groups ,foundations nor agencies ...have spent years learning methods of altering  another's brain state besides those involved in TV and Film or those involved with Communal Co- Consciousness (a cult)....

.In the late 1950's and early 60's there great fears concerning ''the so called Manchurian Candidate
and millions of dollars were allotted to the *** to study
how "mind control " could persuade a person or an entire population to a-
 of thought
tests were conducted ...on unsolicited citzens
with mind altering drugs...
(Operation Midnight Climax,,MK -ULTRA)
most  testing was  done on prisoners ,prostitutes, the homeless, drug addicts  and political 'enemies"


 the *** 's excuse - they needed a less ..laboratory based control group. And the strudies "needed to be unsolicited" so the ...subject would 'act as they usually do concerning lifestyle etc."
Quite early on the data acquired suggested that the administration of  hallucinatory drugs.... caused dis similar effects on people
in a way that electronic signal did not
since the 1930's  work had been done using electromagnetic frequency to modify a person's behavior

11 August 2009

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