Tuesday, March 3, 2015

psycho dabbler qu'est que c'est(this is what u want this is what u get )

I used to have a more acute sense of distinguishing "chatterbot" from direct neural
 was so much easier
 when I simply thought I was having some psychotic break ..or had developed schizophrenia.
 but "my team; wanted me to be aware quite early on\
 that this was Psychotronic in impetus ...not Psychogenic
 as it was "insult" to "industry'
 me thinking "oh ..I just be going' stark ravin' mad...tis all'
 In the Beginning when "these new Gods" created biotech
 I was taken aside by ground bound Mandlers' ...who I suppose might be called 'handlers"
 and shown some the tech that works in accordance with me..
 it was ...low hi fi in my 20's
 decades before I got up graded to biotech...
 yeah...they showed me ...in real life...."this is how we do it"
 and next said ...but for you to enjoy this experience
 we must "cover our bases" and you must go "in patient" ....where you can get used to it...
 I said no...
 and they
 well made the "Introduction to Cybernetics" into such a fright night that
 in the end I complied...
 in the place....were all sorts of "placed men and women ' playing "spin bin"
 to interact with me...like I was ...some cameo walk on...in some TV show...
 to get an Evoked Response...in fact many of the placed persons literally looked like,dressed like tv and film stars...
 so I would immediately...."What's my Line" offline with "them and Online with my Mandlers...
 "nice work if you can get it ' was
 what I was encouraged to "think of this as" and never Human Experimentation
 it was MY FAULT everything went so badly...
 I'm not much of an actor...neither inside or out
 and my spacing out...
 a side effect of how I was raised...BY ACTORS
 was a problem....
 they caused. Deliberately. But really assumed "the space out" shit could be turned off and on by CUES
 weaved into my childhood..
 at first it did...
 or did enough..
 than as time went on ...my brain signals  "on file could be beamed this way and that to "make me" whatever they wanted me to be ...based not just on CUES but electromagnetic energy directed in sequence to produce any variance of "Persona"
 but things go wrong

for instance one born to be "Mr Bill"/a puppet....etc...
 sorta' looks around and sees ...nobody else seems to be tethered in this way
 and than begins to realize anyone they meet
 is meant to be met....
 anything I do is only allowed to be done because it serves the project..
 and one says...
 to themselves and thus one's Tele-operators
 at least pay me
 if you want to play me.
 and what you get back for such a request is...that most of this MUST be based on the human organism
 attaining....maintaining and having (in spite of the brain link) self autonomy to proceed in Real Time /Real World..."Situationals"
 but I had graphed back...YOu all make up my situationals
 and they say ....that this is none of my concern...and on any given "moment to moment ...I am provided with several different options concerning ...the Mazes
 and such I am placed in
 the problem is ..."Dumbo" inevitably choses the wrong path...
 the wrong lover.
 and certainly the wrong lifestyle concerning 'Happiness is a warm tongue and a street drug"
 so I tried to straighten up and fly right
 and took another wrong turn ,it seems in albequerkie
 concerning "diminishing my "artistic" endeavors and accomplishments towards
 'the wrong"market
 (I was informed ...by some "ground bound handlers) once one is labeled '  Outside artist..".
 one will always be labeled such....and never get the money
  one who calls themselves a contemporary artist might get.)
 at the time...I was broke...literally near homelessness...and people kinda' get sick of some guy
 sleeping on their couch
 as if I may say...does thee who sleeps on that couch..
 how someone who buys my art is the wrong market  ...I still don't know
 but ....being near "can I stay on your couch' again
 as this fuckin' interface has filled me to brim with diversion
 like literally someone shoved a TV into my head.
 it's a bit hard to focus......on much else.
 besides maybe some crack to put your mind on "mute"once again I have accumulated days
 big deal
 I cannot go to AA...or NA cuz' I am always "on "brain link' and it just seems wrong to be broadcasting
 some of these people 's stories back to "ground control'
 it would be like you dear reader going to NA wearing Google Glass
 but the Google Glass has been made ...micro,nano sized so it 's all upside your head/brain...
 you want that?
 why? you wan tthat
 to learn Spanish in 6 days?
 to play...cowboys and Indians with some neuro researcher/scienc e-ideology based...wanna be actor...using you as literally some fuckin' avatar..
 I hate you dear reader...dumb reader...for thinkin' i'm cluttering you precious FB page with
 experimental novel dumbass.
 when I'm writing about experiments on humans... you idiot
 I'd apologize
 but  this mind to mind communication kinda' bleeds into the falsities that make for vocalized (or written expression)
 you can't lie
 mind to mind
 why should I lie to you
 why is nearly all we say to one another simply to keep the peace.
 what has this peace cost us.?
 besides expecting lies and buffer and more lies to come out of the very folks we supposedly elect.
 to be "part of
 ALL of politicking.
 and yeah dear reader...
 all the fake words...we use to describe Drone land Securities ...
 like developing this biotech they shoved in me.
 to "correct me" or "watch me " from the inside out
 ya' know it's cheaper
 to survey another via biotech?
 and this idiotic word artificial intelligence..
                            that only works RIGHT as insert....to get right close to your dendrites
                             this junk don't work right as wearable...
                          brain signals as strong as they are to make you see touch and feel ....
                          aren't powerful enough to be data-fied nor "read" too easy with no headset...
 even my Mandlers
 who can turn it on and off..
 have sensors in their noggins
 to amplify their signals
 and receive
 they just have the "knob" to turn it on and off.
 I don't
 and even when you go get them cause some movie star goes on youtube and says the interface,the biotech
  helped her stop gobbling 23 Vicodins every 4 hours
 or hear- how some country singer lost 50 pounds cuz ' the "A.I. service provider ...altered her "chip-ed"hippocampus.
 signals so she wouldn't eat too much candy..

 yeah dear reader....you'll get the biotech..but don't you forget they created on the backs of expendable "wretches" such as me...you kunt

 know why you'll get Merge or another brand of techno in your mind ..dear reader.
 cause it'll be Trending
and evvvvvvvvvvvvvvvverywhere!
 but let me tell ya' something they won't
 even when you turn it off...
 they'll be reading you...you'll never know

 ahhhhh this is like talking to a child.
 me "talking " to you.....
 and know what... your significant other often thinks the same thing about you
 how do I know this
 ....cause I 'spiked" them myself...
 2 weeks ago..
nano bio tech.6000 nanotubes fit on the head of a pin...
I can spread it round with a wet palm handshake.
or squirt it like i'm applying some cologne..
why that guy ? spraying his stinin; polo black on himself...ian't that what a bathroom for ?
no dear read it's so some nano goes intra-noggin on your ass.

 is there a Freak Show type of element that "goes" with
 Outsider Art....in fact yes indeedy there is
 .....I have attended outside art shows and seen that ...one labeled outside artist....
 especially a dead one
 has inevitably their backstory in prominent display   ****** such and such was confined to the **** state hospital in 1921 and spoke to his dead dog
named NINA to get ideas to paint his paintings..
often ,being confined in asylums having no paint he pulled apart cockroaches and used cockroach blood
to create sketches.. the artist .later studied to  create paintings often  done with the artist's own feces and the artist's own blood and of course the  mold spores that grew plentiful in the patient's 6 foot by 3 foot cell at **** asylum
if one notices NINA ,the artist's dead dog is always floating somewhere are hiding within the knobby trees in each painting  who the artist  claims he spoke telepathically especially  for artistic advice concerning mainly academic concerns regarding weight ,texture and composition in these astounding representations of "man" fighting off his inner demons...notice the artist's dog NINA is always floating somewhere in the painting via artistic resolve
 whether I would say"what the hell" label me an outside artist...
 and give me some dough
 or WAIT and go through the measures..of taking slides and putting on a fuckin' sports jacket or something
 to "hi there my name is..." some toney gallery gal whose main function ONLY function it seems is to keep "guys like me" out
 of their gallery cuz' even in a suit ....actually especially in a suit or something "look" -un-contemporary
 much less, "hip" enough- to "be " in such a high tone gallery
 let alone
 on some rich faggit's wall or something
 whose job it seemed when I did in fact try to "do it' the right way  "with my dignity" in tact
 my entire sordid past is usually in extra large text - next to my work when it's shown...
 and we ain't even talkin ' no Human Experimentation/Monarch program shit
 just *** was in a car accident ..
 and has tics from it...
 and was a druggie/homeless guy with "issues" pertaining to his yap yap yap yap
 I was told contemporary art sells for 9 times as much as outsider art.
 but once more
 whores himself out ,diminishes himself..for a few quick bucks.
 (if ya' want something cheap...
 just a wee bit more vivid
 than some "art" you buy at Ikea.
 go to an outsider art show.
  "lotsa' cheap stuff..unless the artist is dead"...some of it quite good..
 little did I realize...
 how convenient it would be concerning "this project" of Brain Map.Brain Signal "mitigation" and Synthetic sensory perception
 to have " backstory" saying oooooh "he just be like a lunatic...see...
 look at this painting ..AND this little write up next to it...only a dude missing some screws paints like this ...
 ya 'think?
 and let me tell ya'....anyone who decides to sit or stand  in a room all day paint...what's on or in their mind...
 is an outsider
 all artists are outsiders..
 and thus outside artisits
 ...especially if they "keep it up' way past ...their 20's and bypass  get a hair cut and get a real job ' shit they hear 24/7/ from wives ,parents ...landlords.
 as **** in an asylum..
 ..when they're work is getting better and nobody's buying.
 working with paint all day
  that is noxious...(mad as a hatter working with black dye...etc -..mad as a hatter as well folks who work with turpentine and cadmium)
 outsider loco
 and maybe some substance abuse. to go with the "alone-ness" it takes to wrestle with paint....and "inner vision" being transferred to canvas...
 when the rest of your friends talk about mortgage rates and gluten
 and than some buyer saying ....."can you take some of the blues and greens out '...as their new stain glassed ceiling or some such shit...in their beach house ...has blue in it.....
 or their kid 's private school uniform is the same color blue...and we don't want him to clash or worse
 "go with" the painting...
 and "you're like---yo-
 "bitch...go buy some "ready made" at Pottery Barn.....to go with that unbaked  pottery I reckon you call your brain "
 I think and realize
 my mentors are happy I am closing some door ...
 on my future....
 trust me...
 and dude spiked with Merge biotech says to themselves and thus to their "Mentors"
 "what future?.
 if this is the future ......I sure as hell ain't gonna stick around and watch you convince people.....it's the 'new must have app"
 "No,"Tru graphs ,"but you do seem good at presenting this 'app" to help weed out scum like yourself.. go ahead Dumbo..post this by all means
 the next nice woman or man you try to seel to...
 will KNOW or assume you are thinking of them
 in such a wicked manner......might I suggest you "for once" contain thyself...
 and THINK of implications concerning one's actions....
 that don't include ..being baited by a blinking cursor..
 and an icon that infers POST THIS TO...
 as if the very act of posting means-you have created something of worth
 "what does it mean to post?" Tru graphs...
 CHILDREN not adults
 who need to consider OUTSIDER or NOT
 say whatever is on their minds
 and throw tantrums
 when they do not get immediate gratification
 YOU get instant gratification when you POST...
 life is not about instant gratification....
 "oh ?It isn't?" I graph...."it sure as hell is! when someone takes delight in gathering  Neural Reads...and Direct Neural Interface...in fact that's all you wanted from me...sex and drugs..live for today...shit....for "Dailies"
 remember...? or are we back in the in just 7 signals I can make you a man shit-Jake Gordon ArtFag magazine 2012


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