Friday, March 27, 2015

eyes wide shut-(Cole Cohen)

we were fooled into believing that Tv was advertising
...and let ourselves be fooled into thinking that was -the only price -
       of free entertainment ....
magically .
being transmitted into a tiny glowing box
unaware that the glow....of the box ... the lines (before the days of much better ,in their ability to flicker and thus trigger HZs in own's synaptic "flow" towards Beta State)
the static underneath
the programming
meant as much as the collective content that allows us
as a collective "hive mind"
for instance
when one  hears
the Name ,the word- "Lucy"
according to a recent Brain Map study
88% of the subjects
saw in their mind;s eye

a. Lucille Ball.
b. Chuck Schultz' "Lucy" rendition of 6 year old "girl"
c. Scarlett Johansen

manufactured outer vision especially concerning television-
main function- is to create
inner vision
and thus
 which can be exploited  to create ideas based on
"water cooler"referential

if I type the word - Charles Manson
one sees Charles Manson
in one's mind eye....

one cannot stop this type of inner vision the way one can "stop" imagery from entering their cornea by blinking or turning their head away from a screen

for some reasons some "personalities" are kept "alive"(Charles Manson,for instance)
in a way other's are not..

there are people whose job it is to decide
what "personalities" stick around " concerning Collective Consciousness

and what "personalities"
or events do not-

People who set  the stage of out dreams are most often those who decide what Sound and Vision
enter 'Group Mind"
publishers and movie producers

Only one time in American history was the topic of 'this one percent "brought' to task...
"what exactly are you attempting " to "place in our collective minds"

Luckily the man hired to "play this game" was pre-cast -to get "it out of the way" to "be"-
an Amusing Court Jester-

McCarthyism is still collectively thought of as a travesty of Free Speech
but the true travesty is that
Hollywood ,since the mid 1950's has never ever been asked.....

"what exactly ...are you trying to say?"  

and these people must be watched like hawks ....
moreso than ever before
now that TV is being developed to eneter not our eyes and ears but our visual and auditory cortex
even with our
"eyes" as they say in the movies,"wide shut"

One cannot have dream about Freddy Krueger
without first knowing who Freddy Kruger "is"

-Cole Cohen  August 12th 2013

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