Sunday, March 1, 2015

mighty morphin' power ranger

Tru graphs that I am "cheapening the KID's " mentorship...and the trouble he has adjusting to being today's Tom Sawyer and perhaps 'the Kid" as well
is communicating with" space aliens"who are perhaps " giving him some "previews" via close encounters of what's Coming in like a hundred years..
and I should be encouraging "The Kid" to "realize" this is a gift .
and not some form of torture
space aliens
just want to "get a glean" of how earthlings think...

and what the FUCK dumbo! doyou think we introduced the Gary fuckin' Rainy story for?

so ...
     you were to BELIEVE that YES! ....Entities are all around us ....N-grams ...
           "The Kid" is riddled with N-grams
                 and the only way to get rid of these N-Grams is
                         to get "The Kid" to the Church
                               on time...


"oh,so he has to pay," to get rid of his "conscious contact"

"Oh course he has to pay to get rid of the Entities," Tru graphs..
"does this jive even work on an 8 year old?" I graph back


"Let's say the killatray WAS indeed developing ...synthetic telepathy...MAYBE they have to this because ...aliens are on earth or something..or might come to earth...and can read our minds....and thus we need to know how to FIGHT this possible threat..." Tru graphs.


' "The Kid" is like this Starship trooper.being simply trained to FIGHT OFF any 'war of the Worlds' funny business..." I graph."so you must drive "The Kid" a bit his mind will be tough enough to go "head to head" with the space aliens.


"Why else Dumbo?" Tru graphs,"and it 's your job to encourage "the kid" he's a "some kind of Mighty Morphing  Power Ranger and not just some "cog"


"or else?' I graph back

"or YOU KNOW what else,"

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