Sunday, March 1, 2015

four point restraints and erased

 don't kid yourself you went "off script" cause your have Ethics Jewboi Druggie Looooser

don't forget
I KNOW YOU in a way
few if anybody else  does......
you parasite fashionable ,how "trending" it is chopping up writers ...who typed themselves
to 'The End"without considered "certain PLOT POINTS involved

maybe the aliens
might have to
give you a nice little alibi
for your ravings.....
American Horror Story Season 2 Style.....
Norristown State Hospital Style..

     which ain't no Olive View UCLA -welcome to the Machine "layover" game boi country club kid
                                 but more a long term care facility...
                   cuz' I gots a feeeeling gonna go rather quickly ,and irreversibly
as we'll SEE to it
off script
         Merge style

and don't kid yourself punkass that we will not erase the blog...
erase all your deviant
and ...sooner than you think
                  for all intensive purposes there will be No traces of  Dumbo
                nor anywhere else

who the fuck do you think created the internet idiot...
space aliens?


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